1995 Ford Bronco
Owner: Mark Zoelch 
From: Northern, CO, U.S.A.        (Other registries in CO)
Year, Make, & Model: 1995 Ford Bronco        (Other Ford Broncos)
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Nickname: Shadofax
Mileage: 159400
Engine: 351W, stock and running well

Drivetrain: E4OD
BW1356 (swapped in a refreshed manual t-case for the electric),
SAS completed June '05:
Ford '78 D44 HP front w/Chevy 8 lug outers
ARB Locker
Yukon alloy shafts and super joints, 4.56's

Rear '77.5 D60 Full float from Ford F250
Detroit Locker, 4.56's

Chevy K20 12.5 x1.25 discs front/rear,
DOM steering/trackbar and Chevy TRE's for steer,
3/4 heims for trackbar,
37x12.5 17D Goodyear Wrangler MTR Kevlars
17x 9 Ion Alloy wheels, -8offset (4.68 Backspace)

Notes: Bought March, 1996 used, since then...coming up on 17yrs ownership.....

SAS complete,
Now has 6 inch lift using 78-79 style Deaver Superflex coils, upper/lower coil mounts,
Cage Offroad radius arms
14 inch travel dual shocks,
Custom fab E4OD crossmember/frame box, Chevy flat top knuckles, calipers, hubs, big bearing spindles, Chevy K20 discs, chevy extended stainless flex brake lines (31 inch). DOM tube, Chevy 1ton TRE's for steering.

Custom rock sliders, cat back exhaust, CB,
Hi Lift.
Warn XD9000
Optima Red Top
3G large case 200Amp alternator w/ upgraded cables. (95A stock as spare)

Shadofax is a white/black/chrome1995 XLT clean and fairly dent free Bronco.

*PROJECTS 2013* (see pic section for these entries as they get closer):

TSM rear disc calipers with e-brake, pricey, but no moreso than the tcase location.

New rear leaf springs-procomp 23411's- DONE!

PROJECTS 2010-11 (see pic section for all these entries):

High idle solenoid install for OBA- DONE!

Bronco overhead console-DONE!

Proportioning valve for rear discs-DONE!

Tranny cooler fan - DONE!

OBA install to look like factory AC-DONE!

New Rear 1 ton drive shaft installed. DONE

-UPDATE 12-2-10, Dual shocking the front (already have a new pair of same 14inch travel cage shocks waiting, and the front is soft as is). DONE

New projects on the horizon for 2007-8:
-need to lengthen front driveshaft about 1. (DONE, see after SAS misc pics for install of High Angle 1 ton shaft)

-STILL need 4 point roll bar.

-fab a drop down rear spare carrier that will handle a 37 inch tire. DONE

Gas Tank Armor Project: Done! see section below, custom 3/16 inch skid added to help the wimpy 1/16 stock plate.

SOFT TOP: (Done, see pic section below). The rear window attachment to the tailgate is custom, see pics below. Did not drill holes in tailgate to snap top on.

Custom Gas Can Carrier: (Done, see pic tech section below),

Rear Bumper: kept stock rear bumper but cut it 4-5 inch to gain departure angle (now at 40 degrees), eliminated bumper corners that catch on everything, remounted to frame using angle iron to increase towing strength and bring the bumper 1.5 inches closer to the body without interference to the tailgate.

Front Bumper: Trimmed bottom sides of bumper 4-4.5 inch to gain approach angle (now at 55 degrees).

Bumper winch install using Warn 9000 DONE, see pics.
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The fold down carrier is nice with long loads like 8' drywall.
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You don't have to drill holes in the fold down tailgate!
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Take your time, check the instructions and supplied harware carefully.
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June, 2003 "New Juice", all loaded, ready to head to Broncofest 2003.
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