1989 Suzuki RMX250
Owner: murph 
From: escondido, CA, U.S.A.        (Other registries in CA)
Year, Make, & Model: 1989 Suzuki RMX250        (Other Suzuki RMX250s)
Nickname: the other bike
Engine: pro circut pipe,reed valve,pegs,tapers,excel rims,rm fenders and head gasket,50 tooth sproket,maxim tires,40mm carb and others
Notes: my son gave me this bike so i could ride with
him.It performs remarkable well for an old dinosaur and keeps up easily with late model 250's and 450's. im trying to get it in perfect shape with a few modifications thrown in. im an old (really old) flat tracker that hasn't done any serious trail riding in 30 years but i surprized my self and some others with what i can still do. of course i pay for it big time the next day, but i spect i'll get used to it.
Last Updated: 12/23/2005
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