1972 Ford Ranchero
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From: chicago burbs, IL, U.S.A.        (Other registries in IL)
Year, Make, & Model: 1972 Ford Ranchero        (Other Ford Rancheros)
Engine: originally 351C-2V, sitting in it now is a 'stock except for cam' 1973 351C Cobra Jet short block with ported D1 OC 4V heads to be used as a mock-up mule for the 671 blower assy

back-up block builds include;

a hyper flat top piston 4 bolt
an 11.25:1 & H beam stock stroke tunnel ram block
and a 393 stroker block

heads in stock are;

the ported D1 OC 4V's
tongue filled OC 4V's
a set of OC 2V's
Drivetrain: originally FMX trans, swapped that out for a custom W/R-C6, now fitting a small input W/R toploader 4 speed with an alloy driveshaft, also have a Detroit locker for the 4.10 gears
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6 hits | 68.73 KB | Posted: 12/26/17

at first glance the combustion chambers look like Cleveland quench chambers but the spark plug angle appears to be more upright to the piston the intake is small and the valves are possibly flat / not canted
3 hits | 82.87 KB | Posted: 12/26/17

XE150985, these Experimental Engineering division heads are somewhat of a 'missing link'

note the 351C-2V exhaust port, the staggered valve lay-out and the recessed spark plug hole
3 hits | 64.21 KB | Posted: 12/26/17

here's the biggest missing link part, what's a Windsor style intake port opening doing on these heads? a Yates head from the1960's?
12 hits | 116.25 KB | Posted: 10/21/17

14 hits | 120.52 KB | Posted: 10/21/17

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1333 hits | 51.9 KB | Posted: 3/10/07

Ford GAA tank engine
1272 hits | 22.5 KB | Posted: 3/27/08

Edelbrock S.P.2.P. for 351M / 400
clevelands 004.jpg
1208 hits | 40.88 KB | Posted: 1/9/06

Gurney/Weslake Cleveland
1150 hits | 38.89 KB | Posted: 11/12/09

clevelands 027.jpg
1116 hits | 46.92 KB | Posted: 12/23/05

Sealed Power 2298P flat tops
clevelands 029.jpg
980 hits | 51.36 KB | Posted: 12/23/05

"turkey pan" intake gasket converted to heat/splash shield
939 hits | 39.31 KB | Posted: 11/12/09

clevelands 033.jpg
938 hits | 68.72 KB | Posted: 12/23/05

current temporary assembly, 2V heads, Offy dual port intake and 268H cam just to be able to move the car
917 hits | 108.57 KB | Posted: 9/25/11

Holley 80186-2 Ultra Dominator HP
2 circuit 750 cfm calibrated for Gasoline
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