2052 hits | 80.59 KB | Posted: 8/9/09

1989 Ford Brono - Replace Water Pump.

Ran to get lunch one day at work, left work later and saw ha...
707 hits | 79.26 KB | Posted: 8/9/09

Once all the hoses are gone, there's some room to work. Start by taking off the fan. The fan spins...
624 hits | 127.17 KB | Posted: 8/9/09

Check out the fan...never seen one like that before. Never took notice until I took it out. Anyway...
575 hits | 66.82 KB | Posted: 8/9/09

One more thing left to move...not take out completely. This is the power steering pump (below not p...
689 hits | 76.32 KB | Posted: 8/10/09

Bad water pump on left, ready to move pump bracket on right. By the way, that bolt on the pump brac...
630 hits | 70.4 KB | Posted: 8/10/09

These two hoses must come off before the water pump can be completely removed. Anyone who has dealt...
654 hits | 100.41 KB | Posted: 8/10/09

Old pump gone. Nice mess... Time to clean up. Everything. Get the scraper and razor blades to re...
991 hits | 85.97 KB | Posted: 8/10/09

Much better. Surface all clean and free of old gasket. New water pump came with the gasket, but ch...
675 hits | 77.31 KB | Posted: 8/10/09

Dress up your bolts before you put the new pump on. I soaked them in WD40 for a while then put them...
698 hits | 94.58 KB | Posted: 8/10/09

New pump on and tightened. Torque on the water pump bolts said 12 to 18 ft/lbs, so I dialed in 15 o...

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