1990 Ford Bronco
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Nickname: Eddie Bauer
Engine: DynoJet Performance Evaluation:
287.85 - Peak Rear Wheel Horsepower
392.11 - Peak Rear Wheel Torque
13.00 - Air/Fuel Ratio (Flat @ WOT)

MAF Upgrade:
Ford F150 EEC - WAY1 (F5TF-12A650-JB)
Pro-M Racing 75mm Mass Air Meter
RJM Injection Technologies Truck MAF Conversion Harness
Distributor Mount TFI-IV Ignition Control Module
Single Narrow Band Oxygen Sensor
DynoJet Performance Tune w/Custom Chip

408 Stroker Engine Upgrade:
Factory Ford 351W Block, Bored 0.030, Honed, Decked
Eagle Forged 4340 Steel Crankshaft
Eagle Forged 4340 H-Beam Connecting Rods
SRP Forged 31cc Inverted Dome Pistons
Speed Pro Plasma Moly Rings
Clevite H Series Main and Rod Bearings
Pioneer SFI Harmonic Balancer
Pioneer Heavy Duty Flexplate
Fully Balanced Rotating Assembly
AFR 185cc Outlaw Street Cylinder Heads
Full Head Porting
Fel-Pro Performance Head Gaskets
Comp Cams Xtreme Energy Hydraulic Roller Camshaft 35-351-8
Comp Cams Pro Magnum Retro Fit Hydraulic Roller Lifters
Comp Cams Hi-Tech Pushrods
Comp Cams Pro Magnum Full Roller 1.6 Rocker Arms
Cloyes Double Roller Timing Set
ARP Main Studs
Milodon 4x4 Oil Pan
Milodon Oil Pick-up Tube
Milodon Windage Tray
Melling High Volume Oil Pump
Modified Lokar Flexible Oil Dipstick
Steeda Oil Separator
Edelbrock Victor Series Polished Water Pump
PMGR High Torque Mini Starter
Super Duty Poly Motor Mounts
Ford Racing Tall Polished Aluminum Valve Covers
March Polished Billet Aluminum Pulleys
ARP SS 12-Point Fasteners Throughout

Intake Upgrade:
Custom Air Intake w/K&N Filter
Edelbrock Performer Intake Manifold
BBK 56mm Twin Throttle Body
Intake Porting

Exhaust System Upgrade:
Bassani SS Ceramic Coated Equal Length Headers
Remflex Exhaust Gaskets
Bassani SS Y-Pipe w/SS High Flow Cat
Bassani SS High Flow 3” Cat Back Exhaust

Fuel System Upgrade:
Holley/Walbro 255 lph In-tank Fuel Pump
Accel High Impedance 42 lbs/hr Fuel Injectors
Professional Products Powerflow Fuel Rail
Professional Products Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator
BBK Rail Mounted Fuel Pressure Gauge
Canton Racing Products High Flow Fuel Filter

Ignition System Upgrade:
MSD Pro-Billet TFI Distributor
MSD Steel Distributor Gear
MSD Cap & Rotor
Remote Mount CCD TFI Module
MSD 6A Ignition Control
MSD Ignition Harness
MSD Ignition Noise Filter / 26 KUFD
Motorcraft TFI Coil
Accel 300+ 8.8mm Race Wires
DEI Protect-A-Boot Spark Plug Heat Shields
NGK Spark Plugs

Electrical Upgrade:
3G 160 Amp Alternator/7” Pivot/Clocked to 4:00
3G Alternator Harness
2 ¼” 3G Alternator Serpentine Pulley
2 Gauge Heavy Duty Alternator Charge Cable w/175A Mega Fuse
1 Gauge Power/Ground Wire Upgrade

Cooling Upgrade:
Proliance Brass/Copper 4-Core Maximum Cooling Radiator
Proliance Ready-Aire Heater Core
Stant 160 Thermostat
Prestone 50/50 Coolant
Goodyear Super Hi-Miler Blue Hose Kit
Goodyear Gatorback Poly-V Serpentine Belt
Drivetrain: ----------------------------------------------------------
Transmission Upgrade:
Custom Level 10 PTS Bulletproof E4OD Transmission
Custom Level 10 PTS Billet Torque Converter (2500 RPM Stall)
B&M Racing Transmission Oil Cooler 29,200 BTU
Perma-Cool Remote Transmission Oil Filter Mount
Mag-Hytec Transmission Pan
Auto Meter Z Series Transmission Oil Temperature Gauge
Borg-Warner 1356 Manual Shift Transfer Case

Front End Upgrade:
Yukon 4.56 Ring & Pinion
Dynamically Balanced Front Driveline w/Slip Yoke
Warn Premium Manual Hubs

Rear End Upgrade:
Currie Custom Ford 9 Inch
F9 Fabricated Housing w/3.0 Inch Axle Tubes
Full Width Back Brace w/U-Bolt Support Plates
9+ Torino Ends w/Large Bearings
Performance Axles, 1541 Forged Alloy, 1.5" Diameter
35 Spline @ 60°
5 on 5.5 Inch Bolt Pattern
4.56S Ring & Pinion
WaveTrac Automatic Torque Biasing Differential
9+ 1350 Yoke
9+ Nodular Race Gear Case
9+ Race Pinion Support
RuffStuff 5/8 Inch Grade 8 U-Bolts
RuffStuff 3/8 Inch Steel Spring Plates
RuffStuff 1/4 Inch Thick 3 x 8 Inch Antiwrap Spring Perches
Drivelines NW 1350CV Rear Driveline

Steering Upgrade:
Borgeson Steering Shaft w/Vibration Reducer
Red-Head Steering Gear Box
Moog Drag Link, Tie Rod & Tie Rod Ends
Energy Suspension Tie Rod Dust Boots

Brake Upgrade:
ABS Electric High Power Master Booster

Front Power Slot Cryo Tempered Brake Rotors
Napa Front Disc Brake Calipers
Hawk Performance LTS Brake Pads

Rear Explorer 11 Inch Disc Brakes
Wilwood Brake Proportioning Valve
Lokar Universal Parking Brake

Russell Speed Bleeders Front/Rear
Russell Stainless Steel Brake Lines Front/Rear

Notes: ----------------------------------------------------------
1990 Eddie Bauer Bronco 5.8L, E4OD.

Single owner. Custom ordered on September 19, 1989. Assembled at Ford Michigan Truck Plant in Wayne, Michigan. Received in Seattle, Washington on October 24, 1989. Window Sticker Price $22,545.00.

On October 30, 1989, I installed the following:
Rancho Suspension 4” Lift Kit
Rancho Suspension Steering Stabilizer
Rancho RS 5000 Shock Absorbers
Bushwacker Fender Flares
Hobrecht Side Bars
Alcoa Classic Series 6061-T6 Aluminum One-Piece 15x10 Forged Wheels
Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac 33x12.50xR15

Additional Upgrades:
Eclipse CD Receiver w/MP3 Decoder & Remote
Eclipse Integrated Series Speakers
Motorola M900 GSM Car Phone w/Privacy Handset
Python Auto Security System
Auto Meter Dual Gauge A-Pillar Pod
Driver’s Seat Rebuild
Wet Okole Seat Covers
R134 Air Conditioning Upgrade

***408 Stroker Engine Upgrade completed in January 2010.
***Currie F9 Rear End completed October 2010
***Level 10 E4OD completed October 2010
***Remote Mount CCD TFI ICM completed December 2010
***ABS Electric High Power Master completed December 2010
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1990 5.8L Eddie Bauer Bronco
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