1983 Ford Bronco
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Nickname: That dirty old truck
Mileage: 640000
Engine: 1995 4.9L from F-150, UN-rebuilt, completely transplanted twice, including computer, air filter, y-pipe, & all accessories. 130A alternator, 1996 Bronco gas tank & pump. K&N drop-in.
Drivetrain: 1978 F-250 NP-435; '93 BW1356 clocked; reman rear d'shaft; rebuilt front d'shaft; '96 Bronco D44IFS with 3.07 open diff; rebuilt Ford 8.8" 3.08 open; stock F&R antisway bars & Energy polyurethane bushings all around.
Notes: It has been completely rebuilt from the ground up for the 2nd time now. Most of the body & frame are '93, the tailgate is a '96, the door mirrors are heavily modified with LEDs, and the camper shell is a '96 with a '94 Explorer roof rack & '82 sliding windows. The front shoulder belts & rear seat are the original '83 parts, but the front seats are '97 Econoline power captain's chairs with heat. The instrument cluster & wiring harnesses have been heavily modified so the factory fuel reset light works, and a semi-factory low fuel light has been added. I've added AutoLamps, AutoDimming Brights, RKE, one-touch both directions for all windows, an auto-dimming compass rear-view mirror, dual visors, dual spotlight wiring, always-on PW, OBA. The CB & radar detector are hard-wired. Planned mods include a sunroof & articulated doors. The bumpers are my own design (mostly hand-built). The front includes factory trim, 2 storage compartments, 3 recovery points, a removable fold-down grille guard, & a Ramsey RE12000. The rear bumper has an integral hitch receiver & 3 locking storage boxes.
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folder Steve835600110,36036/29/0312/23/15
    folder My Bronco, Mk.313001,94706/10/1512/29/15
        folder Build33901208,54007/11/122/2/16
            folder Headlights310018,91607/17/032/2/16
            folder T-case Clock & Pump Stay Arm250017,51708/9/129/28/15
            folder Radiator Repair120010,47909/7/122/7/16
            folder Front Bumper Mk.2570041,601010/5/122/2/16
                folder Stress Testing7208434,605010/8/132/2/16
            folder JBG Driveshaft8001,79101/19/151/15/16
    folder 83 Bronco, Mk.1 & Mk.215400322,80906/29/032/1/16
        folder Rollover3700107,70706/29/031/8/16
        folder NP-435 Swap5100132,59906/29/031/20/16
        folder Hydraulic Clutch5700164,93607/13/032/2/16
        folder Side Mirrors8300123,48107/5/031/31/16
        folder Camper Shell & Sliding Side Windows5200160,69607/13/0310/18/14
        folder Floor Repair Seat Base160024,26905/12/076/11/12
        folder Front Bumper Repairs170026,61606/2/0712/29/14
        folder Body Repairs760086,00809/14/087/7/14
        folder PSOM1000116,21504/15/092/8/16
        folder Front Diff & Ball Joints410067,355010/26/097/29/15
        folder NP208F Swap150012,58801/3/101/20/16
        folder Body Donor #224400194,639012/22/111/15/16
    folder Trail Pics600754,78408/2/039/21/15
        folder BroncoFest/BroncoBash140025,78208/2/0312/29/14
        folder Lunch Break320840,65108/2/0311/30/11
        folder Louisiana80013,95908/2/039/29/13
        folder Rover Saturday220027,06808/24/0310/25/10
        folder Loosahatchie Bottoms100421,34909/14/035/14/13
        folder Hot Springs June 20075203359,91707/1/0712/29/14
        folder Hot Springs Sep. 20073302231,11907/13/073/27/13
        folder Coon Creek 8-11-7 thru 10-20-7 **MAP**9005893,326010/22/078/18/15
        folder Hell in the Hills 3-15-8802323,97303/16/081/13/16
        folder Greg's Creek199014121,232011/28/088/1/14
        folder RITS09 Mountainside **MAP**9609565,64507/19/091/13/16
        folder OCBR09120018,37409/29/093/5/12
        folder Hot Springs 10-16-9370024,216010/18/099/13/10
        folder OCBR 201024500150,05509/22/107/21/15
        folder White Buck Ranch 9-17-11160010,32009/18/1112/24/15
        folder Hot Springs Oct. 2011 **MAPS**620028,173010/10/113/13/13
folder General Purpose Pics23500723,53407/10/032/1/16
    folder Diagrams371002,519,43307/7/032/7/16
    folder Brakes & Hubs14200672,89607/13/032/1/16
    folder Tailgate Tech14700659,83207/7/036/10/15
        folder Right Side Split190024,397010/19/092/25/13
    folder 8.8" Axle6300222,45107/21/032/7/16
    folder Bronco Fuel Pump Access Hole3400115,42104/5/066/19/15
    folder '90-96 Fuel Pump System5000359,11307/12/032/1/16
    folder Fuel Level Sender Repair160040,84106/24/1111/28/15
    folder '84-89 Fuel Reservoirs3400143,10809/7/0812/21/15
    folder '87-96 Instruments, Low Fuel Light, Oil Pressure5000153,63007/4/062/3/16
    folder MultiFunction Switch200029,35905/15/117/18/14
    folder Doors9900204,01608/19/042/4/16
    folder Radio140042,89904/15/061/11/15
    folder '92-96 Towing Eyes90010,14504/14/1112/20/14
    folder Cab Steps370035,30303/9/1112/29/15
    folder Power Steering Pump320038,89908/14/1111/10/15
    folder Overhead Console & Dual Visors7000131,98101/16/0512/9/15
    folder Cargo Cover Specs530053,815011/29/045/5/15
    folder Solder-On Battery Terminals180048,66704/17/091/28/16
    folder Fuse Terminals200035,46007/15/0612/24/15
    folder Spark Plug Wire Repair100013,702010/27/076/28/12
    folder 9.75" Rear Disc Conversion50011,73103/11/062/17/13
    folder Electric Hoist130019,29104/10/0611/2/15
    folder AutoLamps & AutoDimming Brights150018,68102/11/1210/23/14
    folder T-case Push-Down Shifter340026,10402/22/121/19/15
    folder Body Mounts400034,32405/4/121/15/16
    folder Lock Cylinder13003,46509/3/143/12/15
folder Spare Parts41500567,35117/10/032/8/16
    folder Spare Tools & Shop Manuals110012,14109/1/0512/8/15
    folder Service Disk Installation & Use370049,298010/15/087/7/14
    folder Manuals & Pamphlets (Scanned)200033,993011/8/084/7/15
        folder 86 Accessories Brochure (Partial)5005,31804/29/1012/20/15
        folder 86 Bronco Brochure Photos90011,31204/29/104/29/10
        folder 96 EB Bronco Brochures220010,216010/2/1210/2/12
        folder 93 Truck Wiring36003,47809/10/159/10/15
    folder SOLD19400256,30101/3/092/1/16
folder TSBs & FSAs (Recalls) for '83-96 Broncos & F150s12900821,476011/13/0412/21/15
    folder 96-20-11 Bronco Roof Cracks240041,568011/13/0410/21/15
    folder 97-03-10 Frame Noise150024,140012/21/063/9/13
    folder 93-26-01 Rear Defrost4006,03701/1/0710/21/11
    folder 90-25-12 Vacuum Cruise110013,67101/1/071/1/07
    folder 90-06-12 Floor Cracks5006,34201/1/075/11/07
    folder FSA 94S91 E-Brake Wedge100020,59801/2/071/31/10
    folder TSB 97-24-13 RKE60014,09201/2/0712/11/15
    folder TSB 94-15-13 Dash Tab 160026,47605/18/111/17/14
folder Other Vehicles24001270,95607/15/0310/12/15
    folder Other Stuff2002,173011/1/0511/1/05
    folder Junkyard Trucks18500163,74907/23/078/13/15
    folder Bronco SuperCelebration '08130013,47805/20/085/24/08
    folder SoundWaves 72250018,77507/1/106/12/11
folder My Uncle's Junk160024,14207/6/0310/24/12
folder Spare Rover Parts480040,39809/1/044/4/06
    folder LR D90 Transmission9009,93709/23/041/8/11
    folder LR D1 Front Hub340038,806010/9/044/21/15
folder temp230011,88405/16/092/2/16
Newest Media Files
22 hits | 59.55 KB | Posted: 2/1/16

Radio Shack 22-172 (Model 2200172, UPC 040293278861) True-RMS Digital Multimeter with high-current AC/DC clamp
45 hits | 50.11 KB | Posted: 1/31/16

'94-97 Windshield Trim Insert Details

The top trim (Left in the photo) has both a hard plastic "seal" slid into it, and a self-adhesive foam strip ~1.5" long x 3/8" x 3/8" in the corner. The side trim (not shown) has only t...
30 hits | 146.36 KB | Posted: 1/30/16

Dual Vacuum Reservoir
30 hits | 121.22 KB | Posted: 1/30/16

Quad-Shock Spring Towers reused for many years on my '83 Bronco
35 hits | 32.9 KB | Posted: 1/30/16

Rear Bumper Brackets & Bolts from a '95 F150

Actual dimensions are 4.5x4.5x20" 10 lb. 6 oz. (brackets ONLY are 9 lb. 0 oz. w/o the 6 bolts & 4 nuts shown)
40 hits | 81.56 KB | Posted: 1/30/16

Fan Shrouds from '93 5.8L Bronco XLTs with factory A/T, A/C, & towing
E5TA-8146-UA, BCF, Ford, ESA-M4D166A

30 hits | 51.21 KB | Posted: 1/29/16

More battery trays from the junkpile...
56 hits | 143.93 KB | Posted: 1/27/16

Both of these appear to have come from '93 trucks, but both are stamped F4TB748.
113 hits | 118.88 KB | Posted: 11/25/15

I think I got all the good (plus some) out of the original '95 HEGO. The new one (MotorCraft DY-731, Ford F4UZ-9F472-CA, Bosch 0 258 003 5367537) cost ~$35 shipped from eBay.
Most Viewed Files
68816 hits | 89.47 KB | Posted: 7/14/03

Vehicle Certification (VC) Sticker
(typically on the rear edge of the driver's door of 4-door models, or the rear of the driver's door opening below the beltline of 2-door models)
67111 hits | 34.58 KB | Posted: 9/18/05

Diagnostic Link Connectors for EEC-IV processors ('84-95).
'84-86 (red) located on R wheelwell near starter relay.
'87-95 (black or gray) located under L hood hinge under EEC TEST cover. (WPT-743 & WPT-352)
'94-96 Bronco - do not confuse with RED 4WA...
35078 hits | 54.36 KB | Posted: 1/20/06

FDM & Fuel Pressure

The FDM connector shown is for '94-96; '90-93 use the older connector (WPT454) that mounts directly to the FDM plate.

29083 hits | 56.88 KB | Posted: 1/2/07

Spark Plug Wire Routing for '94-up 5.0L & all 5.8L

ISSUE: Engine miss, spark knock, buck/jerk, surge and other...
28702 hits | 55.91 KB | Posted: 1/2/07

TSB 95-15-11 Hesitation, Stumble, Stall, Miss, No Start, No Spark

ISSUE: '93-95 light truck vehicles with 4.9L, 5.0L, 5.8L, or 7.5L gas engines may exhibit various driveability symptoms, such as no start, no spark, hesitation/stumble/stall/miss and/...
Cluster Front.jpg
27684 hits | 43.19 KB | Posted: 7/26/03

Because I was sick of fighting the speedo cable & plastic gears, and since I had already swapped in an '87-96 rear axle with ABS sensor, I decided to convert my old '80-86 mechanical speedo to a '92-97 PSOM (at the far L).

26721 hits | 56.35 KB | Posted: 9/18/06

Shift Cable Adjustment
BEFORE BEGINNING, inspect items #26, 27, 28, & 34 in this diagram for looseness:
26340 hits | 91.8 KB | Posted: 5/7/07

Ford Integral Power Steering Gear Box

See also:
. [url=http://www.supermotors.net/registry/media/576903][img]htt...
ColumnTilt Exploded.jpg
26203 hits | 48.55 KB | Posted: 7/14/03

'80-91 Tilt Column Exploded

Replacing the actuators is a PITA, even though the parts are cheap & easy-to-find at parts stores for ~$20ea. Call your local used car lots & independent repair shops for the number of a local steering column specialis...
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