1983 Ford Bronco
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Nickname: That dirty old truck
Mileage: 640000
Engine: 1995 4.9L from F-150, UN-rebuilt, completely transplanted twice, including computer, air filter, y-pipe, & all accessories. 130A alternator, 1996 Bronco gas tank & pump. K&N drop-in.
Drivetrain: 1978 F-250 NP-435; '93 BW1356 clocked; reman rear d'shaft; rebuilt front d'shaft; '96 Bronco D44IFS with 3.07 open diff; rebuilt Ford 8.8" 3.08 open; stock F&R antisway bars & Energy polyurethane bushings all around.
Notes: It has been completely rebuilt from the ground up for the 2nd time now. Most of the body & frame are '93, the tailgate is a '96, the door mirrors are heavily modified with LEDs, and the camper shell is a '96 with a '94 Explorer roof rack & '82 sliding windows. The front shoulder belts & rear seat are the original '83 parts, but the front seats are '97 Econoline power captain's chairs with heat. The instrument cluster & wiring harnesses have been heavily modified so the factory fuel reset light works, and a semi-factory low fuel light has been added. I've added AutoLamps, AutoDimming Brights, RKE, one-touch both directions for all windows, an auto-dimming compass rear-view mirror, dual visors, dual spotlight wiring, always-on PW, OBA. The CB & radar detector are hard-wired. Planned mods include a sunroof & articulated doors. The bumpers are my own design (mostly hand-built). The front includes factory trim, 2 storage compartments, 3 recovery points, a removable fold-down grille guard, & a Ramsey RE12000. The rear bumper has an integral hitch receiver & 3 locking storage boxes.
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folder Steve835500102,81236/29/035/25/15
    folder My Bronco, Mk.3 Build33701153,12907/11/125/22/15
        folder Headlights310014,87807/17/035/20/15
        folder T-case Clock & Pump Stay Arm250014,58108/9/1212/28/14
        folder Radiator Repair12008,91309/7/1212/20/14
        folder Front Bumper Mk.2570030,717010/5/124/1/15
            folder Stress Test7005617,023010/8/132/6/15
        folder JBG Driveshaft80088401/19/152/4/15
    folder 83 Bronco, Mk.1 & Mk.215400298,63106/29/035/22/15
        folder Rollover3700101,03806/29/039/2/14
        folder NP-435 Swap5100123,47706/29/033/21/13
        folder Hydraulic Clutch5700151,54807/13/0312/27/14
        folder Side Mirrors8300111,39807/5/033/16/15
        folder Camper Shell & Sliding Side Windows5200147,24707/13/0310/18/14
        folder Floor Repair Seat Base160022,07805/12/076/11/12
        folder Front Bumper Repairs170024,43906/2/0712/29/14
        folder Body Repairs760078,08209/14/087/7/14
        folder PSOM1000102,91604/15/095/28/15
        folder Front Diff & Ball Joints410060,177010/26/095/5/15
        folder NP208F Swap150010,84501/3/108/7/12
        folder Body Donor #224400167,180012/22/115/28/15
    folder Trail Pics570648,19908/2/0311/15/14
        folder BroncoFest/BroncoBash140024,12808/2/0312/29/14
        folder Lunch Break320837,45208/2/0311/30/11
        folder Louisiana80013,00008/2/039/29/13
        folder Rover Saturday220025,10208/24/0310/25/10
        folder Loosahatchie Bottoms100419,89809/14/035/14/13
        folder Hot Springs June 20075203354,27007/1/0712/29/14
        folder Hot Springs Sep. 20073302228,83907/13/073/27/13
        folder Coon Creek 8-11-7 thru 10-20-7 **MAP**9005885,090010/22/0712/25/11
        folder Hell in the Hills 3-15-8802321,72803/16/082/23/09
        folder Greg's Creek199014106,106011/28/088/1/14
        folder RITS09 Mountainside **MAP**9609558,34907/19/093/30/15
        folder OCBR09120017,21109/29/093/5/12
        folder Hot Springs 10-16-9370021,563010/18/099/13/10
        folder OCBR 201024500136,19309/22/103/17/13
        folder White Buck Ranch 9-17-1116009,08309/18/114/1/12
        folder Hot Springs Oct. 2011 **MAPS**620023,969010/10/113/13/13
folder General Purpose Pics23000633,42007/10/035/20/15
    folder Diagrams365002,230,52207/7/035/28/15
    folder Brakes & Hubs14200615,31407/13/035/17/15
    folder Tailgate Tech14500604,02307/7/035/18/15
        folder Right Side Split190021,629010/19/092/25/13
    folder 8.8" Axle5500205,89507/21/034/26/15
    folder Bronco Fuel Pump Access Hole3400104,77004/5/0610/20/14
    folder '90-96 Fuel Pump System5000319,38407/12/035/10/15
    folder Fuel Level Sender Repair160035,80906/24/1110/2/14
    folder '84-89 Fuel Reservoirs3300127,19909/7/082/7/15
    folder '87-96 Instruments, Low Fuel Light, Oil Pressure5000137,81407/4/064/16/15
    folder MultiFunction Switch200024,63805/15/117/18/14
    folder Doors9900178,70308/19/045/1/15
    folder Radio140039,39204/15/061/11/15
    folder '92-96 Towing Eyes9008,58904/14/1112/20/14
    folder Cab Steps370028,82703/9/115/20/15
    folder Power Steering Pump310033,90508/14/1112/20/14
    folder Overhead Console & Dual Visors7000121,40201/16/052/25/15
    folder Cargo Cover Specs530048,598011/29/045/5/15
    folder Solder-On Battery Terminals180042,48104/17/095/28/15
    folder Fuse Terminals200032,83407/15/064/26/15
    folder Spark Plug Wire Repair100012,492010/27/076/28/12
    folder 9.75" Rear Disc Conversion50011,00903/11/062/17/13
    folder Electric Hoist130017,48304/10/067/2/14
    folder AutoLamps & AutoDimming Brights150017,07902/11/1210/23/14
    folder T-case Push-Down Shifter340022,24602/22/121/19/15
    folder Body Mounts400028,67405/4/125/17/15
    folder Lock Cylinder13001,86609/3/143/12/15
folder Spare Parts41400510,79717/10/035/24/15
    folder Spare Tools & Shop Manuals110010,78409/1/0512/20/14
    folder Service Disk Installation & Use370045,219010/15/087/7/14
    folder Manuals & Pamphlets (Scanned)200031,711011/8/084/7/15
        folder 86 Accessories Brochure (Partial)5004,78104/29/104/29/10
        folder 86 Bronco Brochure Photos90010,03604/29/104/29/10
        folder 96 EB Bronco Brochures22008,588010/2/1210/2/12
    folder SOLD19100232,64201/3/092/18/15
folder TSBs & FSAs (Recalls) for '83-96 Broncos & F150s12900724,112011/13/045/28/15
    folder 96-20-11 Bronco Roof Cracks240037,909011/13/042/4/14
    folder 97-03-10 Frame Noise150021,730012/21/063/9/13
    folder 93-26-01 Rear Defrost4005,51301/1/0710/21/11
    folder 90-25-12 Vacuum Cruise110012,46501/1/071/1/07
    folder 90-06-12 Floor Cracks5005,76201/1/075/11/07
    folder FSA 94S91 E-Brake Wedge100018,17501/2/071/31/10
    folder TSB 97-24-13 RKE60012,65201/2/079/10/13
    folder TSB 94-15-13 Dash Tab 160022,92505/18/111/17/14
folder Other Vehicles23901246,74207/15/035/2/15
    folder Other Stuff2002,007011/1/0511/1/05
    folder Junkyard Trucks18500146,85507/23/075/24/15
    folder Bronco SuperCelebration '08130012,41705/20/085/24/08
    folder SoundWaves 72250016,99307/1/106/12/11
folder My Uncle's Junk160022,53807/6/0310/24/12
folder Spare Rover Parts480036,73809/1/044/4/06
    folder LR D90 Transmission9009,13809/23/041/8/11
    folder LR D1 Front Hub340035,630010/9/044/21/15
folder temp22009,87805/16/095/21/15
Newest Media Files
50 hits | 82.71 KB | Posted: 5/21/15

A trailer winch mount
28 hits | 112.45 KB | Posted: 5/20/15

It's a lot splotchier than it looked from the outside. Either I'm not good enough to lay down a light coat, or this spray tip doesn't produce an even spread.
29 hits | 119.26 KB | Posted: 5/20/15

It just looks like a blacked-out headlight. You can't even tell that it's an aftermarket projector. When the headlights are on, they create bright spots on the tint. I'm NOT doing this to the ones that are going on the truck.
42 hits | 129.54 KB | Posted: 5/20/15

This is way too dark for my taste.
25 hits | 95.94 KB | Posted: 5/20/15

It seems a lot lighter now than it did when it was wet. I brushed off some dust with my hand, which is why it looks scratched.
21 hits | 119.59 KB | Posted: 5/20/15

The wedge connector with the cloth insulation goes directly to the side LEDs, but there are resistors on the back of this board so the LEDs aren't actually running on 12V.
18 hits | 123.43 KB | Posted: 5/20/15

The wedge connector spliced to 2 sets of wires supplies the halo & the large lens under the hi beam. The halo has 2 LEDs embedded in the bottom of the ring, so the epoxy-filled box above my hand reduces the voltage & current going to them so they do...
16 hits | 127.8 KB | Posted: 5/20/15

The wedge connector spliced to 2 sets of wires supplies the halo & the large lens under the hi beam. The halo has 2 LEDs embedded in the bottom of the ring, so the epoxy-filled box above my hand reduces the voltage & current going to them so they do...
36 hits | 128.27 KB | Posted: 5/20/15

The mask is held in-place by the larger gold screws on the back, and hides the real guts of the headlight. The hi & low beams are mounted to a plate that pivots on 2 balls, and is tilted up/down as a unit via the screw outboard near the bottom. The...
Most Viewed Files
57319 hits | 89.47 KB | Posted: 7/14/03

Vehicle Certification (VC) Sticker
(typically on the rear edge of the driver's door of 4-door models, or the rear of the driver's door opening below the beltline of 2-door models)
56964 hits | 34.58 KB | Posted: 9/18/05

Diagnostic Link Connectors for EEC-IV processors ('84-95).
'84-86 (red) located on R wheelwell near starter relay.
'87-95 (black or gray) located under L hood hinge under EEC TEST cover. (WPT-743 & WPT-352)
'94-96 Bronco - do not confuse with RED 4WA...
31475 hits | 54.36 KB | Posted: 1/20/06

FDM & Fuel Pressure

The FDM connector shown is for '94-96; '90-93 use the older connector (WPT454) that mounts directly to the FDM plate.

25859 hits | 55.91 KB | Posted: 1/2/07

TSB 95-15-11 Hesitation, Stumble, Stall, Miss, No Start, No Spark

ISSUE: '93-95 light truck vehicles with 4.9L, 5.0L, 5.8L, or 7.5L gas engines may exhibit various driveability symptoms, such as no start, no spark, hesitation/stumble/stall/miss and/...
24662 hits | 56.88 KB | Posted: 1/2/07

Spark Plug Wire Routing for '94-up 5.0L & all 5.8L

ISSUE: Engine miss, spark knock, buck/jerk, surge and o...
24403 hits | 56.35 KB | Posted: 9/18/06

Shift Cable Adjustment
BEFORE BEGINNING, inspect items #26, 27, 28, & 34 in this diagram for looseness:
ColumnTilt Exploded.jpg
23657 hits | 48.55 KB | Posted: 7/14/03

'80-91 Tilt Column Exploded

Replacing the actuators is a PITA, even though the parts are cheap & easy-to-find at parts stores for ~$20ea. Call your local used car lots & independent repair shops for the number of a local steering column specialis...
23613 hits | 91.8 KB | Posted: 5/7/07

Ford Integral Power Steering Gear Box

See also:
. [url=http://www.supermotors.net/registry/media/576903][img]htt...
5.8L right.jpg
23550 hits | 82.3 KB | Posted: 10/2/04

V8 Engine Bay

. [url=http://www.supermotors.net/registry/media/6...
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