1983 Ford Bronco
Owner: michael collins 
From: North Highlands, CA, U.S.A.        (Other registries in CA)
Year, Make, & Model: 1983 Ford Bronco        (Other Ford Broncos)
Clubs: FullSizeBronco.com        (Other vehicles in this club)
Nickname: Jezebel
Mileage: 81000
Engine: I6-1992 EFI motor swap (currently under way) 3G swap
Drivetrain: It is mostly stock with a 8" lift. I replace the front axle pivet mount bracket and all the rubber bushings to poly. I regeared the 8.8 with 4:56 and an Auburn differential. I complete a rear shackle flip (sky products) and a belltech drop bracket to add more lift. I replaced the stock rubber body mounts for poly and added a 3" body lift. Added 40X17 supper mudder gumbo tires on 15"X12" wagon wheels
Notes: The cam shaft went flat and started to chatter real bad. i got a 1992 F150 and swapping the motor and goodies over to Jezebel. Updates listed below
Last Updated: 8/26/2008
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folder example8008,34904/23/0512/19/06
    folder Top slider window latches5001,86808/13/068/13/06
    folder The Drunk12004,793011/14/0611/14/06
folder Other Vehicles000005/17/055/16/08
    folder 1993 Chevy Sunurban 4X418007,548012/31/0612/31/06
        folder Back-up Swtich4001,50102/22/072/22/07
        folder Belt Pulleys12009,75901/3/081/3/08
        folder Coil20083105/17/085/17/08
        folder Door Hinge10033205/29/085/29/08
        folder Front Brakes5002,26805/16/085/16/08
        folder Fuel Filter4001,62204/2/074/2/07
        folder Fuel pump15005,68205/16/075/29/08
        folder heat and ac150015,63603/1/075/16/07
        folder head light switch6002,39103/13/075/17/08
        folder Jack Issue4001,52507/3/077/3/07
        folder Looks and safety20070005/17/085/17/08
        folder MAP sensor20081505/19/085/19/08
        folder O23001,55205/17/085/17/08
        folder Plugs And wires18006,43604/10/0712/27/07
        folder Power Mirror Replacement10003,322010/8/0710/8/07
        folder P/S Pump replacement12005,18901/4/081/4/08
        folder Radio1280053,93702/16/072/4/08
        folder Raditor350015,39506/9/076/9/07
        folder Seats7002,47902/16/072/16/07
        folder IAC5002,51407/7/087/7/08
        folder Coolent temp sensor6002,10907/7/087/7/08
    folder 1992 GMS Safari230014,96705/17/058/23/06
    folder 1986 Mustang Convertable000007/13/087/13/08
        folder Electric fan6002,10707/13/087/13/08
        folder Seats10038407/13/087/13/08
    folder 1982 Motorhome300019,89707/23/077/25/07
        folder 502 motor pictures7002,807011/13/0711/13/07
        folder Aqua Magic Swap25008,281012/26/0712/26/07
        folder Battery Clean up6002,17406/10/086/10/08
        folder Belts10033605/17/085/17/08
        folder Cabinet Repair15005,046011/13/0711/14/07
        folder Dinette Upgrade4001,418011/13/0711/13/07
        folder Electric Fan swap Ford Tarus100376011/13/072/4/08
        folder Exhaust520022,31707/9/088/26/08
        folder Front Airbag replacement15006,056011/13/0711/14/07
        folder Front Bunk Fix14004,497011/13/0711/13/07
        folder Ignition cleanup5001,74106/10/086/10/08
        folder Inside shots200716011/13/0711/13/07
        folder License Plate repair5001,817011/14/077/9/08
        folder Mirror Cleanup4001,38406/10/087/9/08
        folder Roof Repair14004,330012/27/0712/27/07
        folder Safe3001,27206/18/086/18/08
        folder Windshield pump swap6002,40905/30/085/30/08
    folder 1982 Yamaha G1 Golf Cart12009,78607/7/087/7/08
        folder Wiring Clean up23007,67607/9/087/10/08
        folder Rear Seat5001,76307/13/088/26/08
        folder Motor4001,56507/13/087/13/08
        folder Horn Install8003,15308/9/088/9/08
        folder Lights19006,51608/22/088/26/08
    folder 1981 Mustang3001,51105/17/055/17/05
    folder 1967 Galaxie50019007,88008/26/058/26/05
    folder 1960 Chevy Pickup10004,64205/17/058/23/06
    folder Yamaha 505001,96609/14/059/14/05
    folder Trailer400015,58405/17/057/3/07
    folder welding projects8004,19501/6/068/6/06
        folder Welding Cart5005,24808/13/068/13/06
        folder Garage Shelf10032307/3/077/3/07
    folder Shop Press Dolly11004,22408/23/068/23/06
    folder Bruce 89 bronco 3" body lift18008,707012/28/0612/28/06
    folder engine puller handle20069105/15/075/15/07
    folder Shed Move25008,35505/23/075/23/07
    folder New house24008,48805/23/076/6/07
    folder Name That Tool20074107/3/077/3/07
    folder Cooking Gadgets0000012/27/0712/27/07
        folder KitchenAid Mixer 6208002,579012/27/0712/27/07
    folder F550 Tow Truck8005,50301/28/081/28/08
folder Body000008/23/058/23/05
    folder Exterior0000010/15/0610/15/06
        folder 3" Body Lift400021,589010/11/0612/3/06
        folder Bumpers0000010/11/0610/15/06
            folder Front640020,887010/11/0612/28/06
            folder Rear22007,233010/11/0612/5/06
        folder Cowl16006,648010/15/0610/15/06
        folder Floorboard Repair100381011/1/0611/1/06
        folder Electrical0000010/31/0610/31/06
            folder Running light Issue12004,050010/15/0610/31/06
            folder Power Take off tap3001,863010/31/061/16/07
            folder License Plate light16005,553010/31/0611/3/06
            folder Tailgate Electrical6002,169011/3/0611/3/06
            folder 92 tail light swap5002,331011/5/0611/5/06
        folder Gas Tank5001,845010/15/0611/6/06
            folder Gas tank swap460020,14602/16/077/4/07
        folder Lightbar11005,890010/17/0612/28/06
        folder Mud Flaps12006,17901/18/0611/6/06
        folder Paint26008,651010/15/0611/6/06
        folder Removable Top17009,242010/15/062/13/07
        folder Roof100373010/15/0610/15/06
        folder Roof Rack10005,166010/17/0612/29/06
        folder Steps200727011/3/0611/3/06
        folder Tailgate0000010/17/0610/17/06
            folder Inspection Panel11004,119010/17/0612/15/06
            folder Rear Window Motor Repair130011,560010/17/0610/17/06
            folder Tailgate Latch200989011/8/0611/8/06
    folder Interior000009/7/0512/15/06
        folder After market guages310011,664010/18/0611/3/06
        folder Dome Light5001,749011/3/0611/3/06
        folder Factory Tac Install8004,679010/18/0611/3/06
        folder Heating & Cooling0000010/26/0610/26/06
            folder Heater Box Swap530020,962010/26/0611/3/06
            folder Climate Control Panel swap290013,253010/26/0611/8/06
        folder Pedal Covers9004,196010/26/0510/18/06
        folder Roll Cage190010,091010/17/0611/7/06
        folder Seats and Seat Belts23008,043010/26/0612/28/06
        folder Low fuel Light14004,90801/16/073/16/07
folder Trips and Travels280010,74401/1/061/1/06
folder Current Picture of the bronco5002,76301/6/066/9/07
folder Custom Tools000008/13/068/13/06
    folder Radius Arm wrench20073008/13/068/13/06
    folder Window motor Tester5002,56608/20/068/20/06
    folder C-Press100409011/9/0611/9/06
    folder Work Bench Dolly3001,188012/28/0612/28/06
    folder Air Compressor11003,91502/8/072/8/07
    folder Pressure Washer3001,06403/1/073/1/07
    folder Scaffold100437010/12/0710/12/07
    folder Band Saw4001,62702/26/082/26/08
folder Drivetrain0000010/11/0610/11/06
    folder Axles0000010/27/0610/27/06
        folder Front Axle0000010/27/0610/27/06
            folder TTB Dana 44HP0000010/27/0610/27/06
                folder Ball Joints18006,721010/27/0611/9/06
                folder Brakes17006,747010/27/0611/9/06
                folder Camber Bushings160010,867010/27/0612/28/06
                folder Extended Radius arms280014,51405/3/0612/29/06
                folder Center Carrier14005,012010/27/0611/3/06
                folder Hub Swap11003,690010/27/0612/28/06
                folder Pivot Bushings8008,173010/27/0611/9/06
                folder Radius Arm spacer3001,490011/9/0612/28/06
                folder Springs22009,794011/1/0611/9/06
                folder Steering Stablizer18007,319010/27/0611/9/06
                folder SwayBar13006,318010/27/0611/7/06
                folder TTB Mounts0000010/27/0610/27/06
                    folder Super Lift 4" lift7002,742010/27/0611/9/06
                    folder Sky Jacker Class II TTB drop mounts260016,48208/23/0510/27/06
        folder Rear Axle0000010/27/0612/19/06
            folder Ford 8.80000010/27/0610/27/06
                folder 3.55 gears12003,602010/27/0610/30/06
                folder 4.56 gears12004,652010/27/0611/7/06
                folder Axle Vent3001,663010/27/0610/27/06
                folder Brakes290010,666010/27/0610/30/06
            folder Shackle Flip550034,619011/1/0611/7/06
            folder Shocks200718011/1/0611/1/06
            folder Springs17007,889011/1/0612/28/06
            folder Dana 605001,882011/7/0611/7/06
            folder Factory shim blocks200836012/28/0612/28/06
    folder Drive Shaft0000010/27/0610/27/06
        folder Front Drive shaft0000010/27/0610/27/06
        folder Rear Drive shaft310013,328010/27/0611/7/06
    folder Electrical0000010/30/0610/30/06
        folder 2G Alternator3001,416010/30/0612/28/06
        folder 3G Alternator Swap340024,119010/30/0611/3/06
        folder Battery and Dual Battery22008,060010/30/0611/9/06
        folder Dura Spark II swap7004,013010/30/0610/31/06
    folder Exhaust16006,021010/31/0611/7/06
    folder Motor0000010/31/0610/31/06
        folder 4.9 Carburetor Motor0000010/31/0610/31/06
            folder Emissions310018,141010/31/0612/28/06
            folder Lifter replacement8003,021010/31/0610/31/06
            folder Sagnaw Power Steering Pump Swap9003,322010/31/0611/7/06
            folder Motor19008,323010/31/0611/6/06
            folder Carburetor13007,883010/31/0610/31/06
        folder 1992 EFI 4.9 Swap0000010/31/0610/31/06
            folder The donor truck630026,416011/4/062/27/07
            folder Motor Prep630030,216012/23/067/4/07
            folder Wiring Harness conversion410017,28601/16/076/10/08
            folder EEC Install17007,06103/9/073/12/07
            folder Sagnaw Power steering swap230011,01003/9/077/3/07
            folder 3G Sawp6002,82503/12/077/3/07
            folder actual motor swap26009,09303/20/077/23/07
    folder Tires0000010/31/0610/31/06
        folder 33X10 with 6" lift4001,812010/31/0610/31/06
        folder 35X1250 Thornbirds7003,399010/31/0610/31/06
        folder 40X17 Super Mudder Gumbos18008,951010/31/0611/8/06
        folder Spare Tires and or rims6002,155010/31/0612/28/06
        folder 31X8 stock rims and tires6002,341012/28/0612/29/06
    folder Transfercase0000010/11/0610/11/06
        folder NP 20819009,025010/11/0611/6/06
    folder Transmission0000010/11/0610/11/06
        folder NP4350000010/11/0610/11/06
            folder Clutch17007,067010/11/0611/3/06
            folder Shifter7003,172010/11/0611/3/06
            folder Transmission Pictures3001,200011/1/0611/6/06
folder Miscellaneous Bronco pictures340011,766010/15/0612/28/06
folder The Day Jezebel was towed home8003,260010/27/0611/3/06
folder Special Products10033902/26/082/26/08
folder Shop Projects000005/16/085/16/08
folder Shop Projects000005/16/085/16/08
Newest Media Files
exhaust fix 43.JPG
890 hits | 32.83 KB | Posted: 8/26/08

here is the new pass side doughnut. after the install i heated the motor for 20 min and re-tourqued the bolts. this motor sounds real good now. after 500 miles i retourqued the bolts and no more leaks.
exhaust fix 42.JPG
776 hits | 38.64 KB | Posted: 8/26/08

This is the pass side doughnut. see it is real bad shape.
exhaust fix 41.JPG
829 hits | 35.58 KB | Posted: 8/26/08

this is the drivers side doughnut. it was in poor shape. the new one is next to it.
exhaust fix 40.JPG
862 hits | 43.68 KB | Posted: 8/26/08

here are the bolts after i wire wheeled them clean. now they are reay for prime and paint.
exhaust fix 39.JPG
819 hits | 64.14 KB | Posted: 8/26/08

here was the pass side gasket. it too was in real bad shape.
exhaust fix 38.JPG
813 hits | 44.49 KB | Posted: 8/26/08

here is the bottom side of the manifold
exhaust fix 37.JPG
848 hits | 89.47 KB | Posted: 8/26/08

I was able to get the part number on this side.
exhaust fix 36.JPG
875 hits | 46.16 KB | Posted: 8/26/08

after wire wheeling and primer and paint it looks as good as the other side.
exhaust fix 35.JPG
817 hits | 33.71 KB | Posted: 8/26/08

another look at the plugs and bolts.
Most Viewed Files
5083 hits | 24.63 KB | Posted: 4/23/05

the red is the factory shim /block
2573 hits | 48.59 KB | Posted: 3/13/07

hereis what goes wrong. you can see the 3rd gear down fromthe top. it lots 3 teeth and will not power the next gear. the motor keeps running and will turn off after 30 seconds.
top off3.jpg
2507 hits | 100.02 KB | Posted: 10/16/06

topless another shot
2334 hits | 75.22 KB | Posted: 10/31/06

I got lucky and found the last of the part number on the vaccum diagram sheet. the rest of the sheet was torn off. i made copies of this and took them to the smog shop with me. this is for a FED 48 1983 4.9 motor.
2316 hits | 93.45 KB | Posted: 8/13/06

Here is the working side of the cart.
1927 hits | 84.18 KB | Posted: 7/5/06

Here is a 3.8 tarus 2 speed fan. $19 at the local junk yard. these have a high and low speed and really put out the air.
Golf Cart Christian.JPG
1902 hits | 80.14 KB | Posted: 7/7/08

here is the new golf cart with Christian on the back. we used the golf bag tie down to belt him in. he loved this.
1741 hits | 59.79 KB | Posted: 3/1/07

this is the "Clicking" component. it is the "Max" or recycle door motor. this is real hard to get to, it is the center of the heaterbox and the firewall.
1627 hits | 73.57 KB | Posted: 7/5/06

Here is the fan temp power controler. I got it new from Autozone $24. the ignition on wire goes to this then then from this to the relay. The relay has a battery connection on one side and the fan connection on the other.

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