1966 Ford Fairlane
Owner: ezgoing 
From: Phoenix, AZ, U.S.A.        (Other registries in AZ)
Year, Make, & Model: 1966 Ford Fairlane        (Other Ford Fairlanes)
Nickname: Fairlane GT
Mileage: 2000
Engine: Here are some of the specs to the 484ci engine you will see in the folder below:

- Holley 4150 HP / 830 cfm carburetor.
- Blue Thunder dual plane intake.
- Edelbrock RPM heads 79cc with 2.25i / 1.75e valves (four angle).
- Comp Cams solid roller (248/253@.050, 663/667 lift, 109 LSA).
- T&D rocker shafts.
- Ross custom pistons.
- 10.34:1 compression.
- 4340 H-beam rods (6.7" long).
- Scat cast steel crank.
- Bore and stroke is 4.320 x 4.125
- Cast iron Genesis block, which is just like the 1965 427ci side oiler block, but with some improvements.

Duffee Motorsports in Phoenix got the cast iron Genesis block from Keith Craft's shop in Arkansas. Keith's shop pressure tested the block before shipping it to Duffee.

Duffee estimates it will make about 550 to 600 horsepower at the flywheel. This Fairlane weighs about 3500 pounds.

The engine and drivetrain have about 2000 mies on them, as of Jan 2010. The chassis has over 110,000 miles.
Drivetrain: Four speed Toploader with big input and big output shafts has been built by David Kee Toploaders in Texas. It has wide ratio gears with a 2.78 first gear: (2.78, 1.93, 1.36, 1.0). Centerforce billet steel flywheel, 12 inch Mcleod clutch disc and pressure plate. The nine inch rear has Moser 31 spline axles, 3.50:1 ring and pinion, Traction Lock differential, and "N" case.
Notes: Bought the Fairlane in Feb 1993 from Bob Flora, a gentleman who restored the car to excellent shape. I drove the Fairlane daily for 10 years.

Then Sep 2005 is when big changes started, beginning with Duffee Motorsports installing a Baer disc brake system. Duffee and his crew also built the 484 engine.

Bob Flora installed the Painless Wire Harness (which wasn't so painless LOL poor guy), I just held the wires together while he soldered. He also made the custom subframe connectors, custom insrument panel with Stewart Warner guages, modified the clutch linkage with heim joints, rebuilt and narrowed the rear end, installed the new gas tank and fuel line.

Together, Bob Flora and I installed the 484, Toploader, and CalTracs. He also started the 484 on it's first time. We got the Fairlane back on the road in April 2007.

A HUGE THANK YOU goes to Bob Flora for helping me get my Fairlane back together. He did alot of work on the car and graciously allowed me to use his shop, his tools, and his experience and resourcefulness.

The 24 pictures of the Baer disc brakes install were taken by Jeremy at Duffee Motorsports. Thank you Jeremy.

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    folder 9 Inch Rearend5004,29208/19/064/24/07
folder BRAKES & SUSPENSION000009/30/069/30/06
    folder Baer disc brakes install240040,987010/2/055/27/08
    folder CalTracs rear suspension2008,62707/5/069/30/06
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Maiden_Voyage 004.jpg
1026 hits | 89.76 KB | Posted: 6/4/08

You can see the chain restraint Bob made to keep the engine from ripping the left side motor mount apart. It goes from the Edelbrock head to the Fairlane's chassis. There is barely any slack in the chain.
Klamath_Trip 004b.JPG
1306 hits | 49.5 KB | Posted: 1/21/08

This picture was taken before I left Glendale, Arizona and headed out to Wes' house in Klamath Falls, Oregon to meet with other FE big block fans, BBQ and car show.
2488 hits | 105.93 KB | Posted: 12/30/07

Most recent picture, taken near Lake Pleasant on May 5, 2007. Baer recommended 17 inch wheels to clear the calipers of the 13 inch rotors. So I decided on Cragar SS wheels in an attempt to retain the old school look.
Fairlane_in_Garage 001.jpg
6009 hits | 64.55 KB | Posted: 4/19/07

My 484ci 66 Fairlane GT with 17 inch Cragar SS Wheels and Baer disc brakes. The 40 series tires are a little too ricer-ish for my taste. Next time I plan on getting 50 series.
Maiden_Voyage 005.jpg
1680 hits | 103.82 KB | Posted: 4/13/07

DONE. The 484 is home and all hooked up. What a beast. This picture was taken on the Fairlane's first day back on the streets, April 13 2007.
Maiden_Voyage 003.jpg
2621 hits | 94.68 KB | Posted: 4/13/07

The new custom instrument panel. I like it. These mechanical guages are so much more informative than the factory idiot lights. This picture was taken on the Fairlane's first day back on the road, April 13 2007.
Inst_panel_new 004.jpg
1545 hits | 76.69 KB | Posted: 3/20/07

Bob eventually made a custom wire harness for the back of the instrument panel with a 12 pin quick disconnect.
Inst_panel_new 005.jpg
2130 hits | 80.87 KB | Posted: 3/20/07

Here is a picture of the custom made aluminum instrument panel. Bob did a great job. The missing guage in this picture was attached to the engine.
EngineCompartment_12-19-06 004.jpg
1349 hits | 99.6 KB | Posted: 12/19/06

If you look carefully, you can see the Painless Maxi Fuse which is a 50 amp fuse. It stands between the battery and the fuse block in case of a major electrical short. We had to relocate the voltage regulator behind the battery, because of the MSD bo...
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Fairlane_in_Garage 001.jpg
6009 hits | 64.55 KB | Posted: 4/19/07

My 484ci 66 Fairlane GT with 17 inch Cragar SS Wheels and Baer disc brakes. The 40 series tires are a little too ricer-ish for my taste. Next time I plan on getting 50 series.
CalTracs&484 009.jpg
4508 hits | 90.71 KB | Posted: 7/5/06

Bob and I installed the CalTracs rear suspension kit which included the mono leaf springs, the bars, and Rancho RS9000 adjustable shocks. Available through Calvert Racing.
CalTracs&484 008.jpg
4120 hits | 84.52 KB | Posted: 7/5/06

You can see the parking brake cable wasn't hooked up at the time this picture was taken.
3513 hits | 59.17 KB | Posted: 10/2/05

17x7 Cragar S/S on the front with 4 inch backspace and 225/40 Nitto tires. No clearance problems with the fender or the subframe. I like the classic old school look of these wheels. Especially on a muscle car.
CustomExhaust_&_SubframeConnectors 009.jpg
3391 hits | 75.51 KB | Posted: 7/27/06

Subframe connectors attached to rear. Fabricated and installed by Bob.
CustomExhaust_&_SubframeConnectors 001.jpg
3210 hits | 98.39 KB | Posted: 7/27/06

Custom headers and the rest of the exhaust done by a shop in Kingman Arizona. The primary tubes coming off the heads are 2 1/8 inches. The rest of the exhaust is 3 inch tubing.
CustomExhaust_&_SubframeConnectors 004.jpg
2976 hits | 92.96 KB | Posted: 7/27/06

Those subframe connectors are made of mild steel .120 wall, and designed, fabricated, installed by Bob. The custom exhaust system was done by a shop in Kingman Arizona.
2766 hits | 76.81 KB | Posted: 10/3/05

17x9 Cragar S/S wheels on the rear with 5 inch backspace and 255/40 Nitto tires.
CustomExhaust_&_SubframeConnectors 006.jpg
2635 hits | 77.35 KB | Posted: 7/27/06

Two chamber Flowmaster mufflers.
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