Solving Ford Excursion Wandering Problems with LANDYOT Radius Rods

Benefits of Radius Rods

The ride quality of the Ford Excursion has been suspect since day one of the 2000 Excursion. Ride quality and handling is notably improved with aftermarket shocks, a rear anti-sway bar, and now radius rods. This article discusses in detail the problem with the factory "traction bar" on Excursions and the benefits of a radius rod.

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How to install

LANDYOT (a screenname for a member of manufacturers this product in his own garage on a part-time basis. The product is high-quality and no detail has been overlooked in terms of design or support of his product. Here we outline the installation of LANDYOT Generation-II radius rods.

Installation article

Owner testimonials

This product has been extremely successful for 2000-2005 Excursion owners due to word-of-mouth referrals and the fact that it works. You have most likely arrived here by learning about LANDYOT Radius Rods in online discussion forums. There has been an ongoing thread of praise of this product and the owner testimonials can be read here::

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Radius Rods Pictures

Multiple generations of LANDYOT Radius Rods are available depending on the year and lift of your Ford Excursion.

Radius Rod Photos


How to buy

Purchasing information and inventory is kept up-to-date by LANDYOT via this post in the forums:

Purchasing information


A $25.00 discount on LANDYOT Radius Rods is offered to yearly SuperMotors subscribers (more information on subscriber benefits).

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