1991 Ford Bronco
Owner: Ruff414 
From: Central Oahu, HI, U.S.A.        (Other registries in HI)
Year, Make, & Model: 1991 Ford Bronco        (Other Ford Broncos)
Nickname: Pono
Engine: 414 STROKER

Dan Strezo of DLS Engine Development, Wheatfield, Ind.

SVO M-6010-W351 siamese bore, 4 bolt race block
DLS 4340 forged 4 in. stroke crank
DLS 4340 forged rods w/ F.M. bearings
DLS custom forged pistons w/double pin oilers and file fit rings
DLS H.D. wrist pins
DLS custom fabricated kick out oil pan w/ custom oil pump pick
up and oiling
Melling oil pump
ARP main studs
Professional Products harmonic balancer
JBG Super Duty Poly Motor Mounts
Remote oil filter mount, AN fittings w/ SS braided hoses (no filter
mount on block)

Deburr and prepped block for machining, align-honed mains
w/studs, decked block to spec w/deck tru, bored cylinders w/bore
tru, honed w/ plates and studs, moch ass. fit for rod circ., balanced
assembly. Block painted gray.

DLS Custom Grind Roller Cam (only Dan knows specs)
Hydraulic roller lifters
Billet roller timing set
Billet cam washer and bolt
Coated cam bearings

DLS race prepped Edelbrock Victor Jr.
Comp Cams rocker arms
Comp Cams rocker studs
Comp Cams valve springs and 10 deg. locks
Comp Cams stud girdle
DLS custom length push rods
ARP head studs
Ford Racing valve covers w/ Moroso breathers
Autolite plugs

DLS custom Edelbrock Victor converted to EFI
4150 4 Barrel throttle body
1 inch throttle body spacer
Lokar throttle cable
Lokar spring return kit
14 in. spun aluminum drop base air cleaner housing

Custom Ron Davis 31x19 Off Road Double Pass radiator
Dual 14 inch shrouded Spal fans
Spal 185 degree dual fan relay harness kit
Custom welded mounts by Jason and Margo at Kat's General
Repair in Honolulu
Ford Racing aluminum water pump
Stainless steel radiator hoses
Meziere water neck

Walbro 255 lph in-tank pump
Wilson Manifolds fuel rails
Aeromotive fuel press. regulator and gauge
Earl's Performance Ano-Tuff Swivel-Seal anodized hose ends w/
SS braided hose
42# Injectors

MSD Pro-Billet Distributer
MSD coil
MSD 6A Ignition
Wilson Manifolds billet distributor hold down
Comp Cams Carbon Ultra-Poly Drive Gear
MSD 8.5mm wires

Stan's Headers Tri-Y w/ 1 5/8 in. primaries, 2 inch
secondaries, 2 1/2 in. ball/cone collectors
2 1/2 in. Mandrel bent dual exhaust w/ X-Pipe
Spintech 2 1/2 in. Super Pro Street mufflers.

RJM Injection Tech 3G 160 amp alternator, pulley
RJM Injection Tech mini starter
RJM harnesses and 2 gauge charge cable kit
Autometer gauges (soon)
Optima Battery.


Naka'z Racing

E4OD built by Naka'z Racing, Waipio, Hawaii
Precision Industries 10.5 inch Billet torque converter
Baumann Electronics Baumannator TCU and harness
Custom valve body
F350 trans oil cooler

Borg Warner 1356

Automotive Parts Unlimited 800 270-5224(Eric) 1350
2.75 inch tube x .095 thick wall
Ford Super Duty 1350 Greasable U Joints

Currie Enterprises 8.8 w/ 9 inch large bearing ends
Currie 4:10 gears
Currie forged axles
Currie 11 in. drum brakes
Detroit Tru Trac
BFG AT 31 x 12.50 on 15 x 10 Weld Racing rims
LPW Ultimate aluminum cover w/ cap stabilizers

Stock D44 TTB to be regeared w/ D50 stub/slip swap
Warn manual hubs

Saginaw pump swap (1991 E350 pump bracket)
Cardone pump
Borgeson 985 shaft (soon)
Red Head Steering Gears box (soon)

F350 Hydroboost & MC upgrade w/ SS Braided hoses (soon)

Stock height, springs, Edelbrock IAS shocks

Notes: Currant Red Silver Anniversary Edition. Built for daily driving on pump gas with occasional off roading for hog hunting, wheeling etc.. Displacement, cam profile, vehicle weight, tire height, gearing, highway cruise speed, all considered and spec'd for this truck by Dan Strezo. Small block snap, big block torque.

Special thanks to Allen Nakamura of Naka'z Racing who went 8.14 @168 mph on true 10.5s in a DLS powered turbo mustang.

Continuous work in progress.
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14 inch dropbase air cleaner.
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Custom Tri-Y going into DLS Vic Jr heads.
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3.5 inch, 18 inch tips.
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Up and over the axle.
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X-Pipe into dual Spintech 9000 Super Pro Streets.
Exhaust 005.jpg
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True dual routing.
Exhaust 003.jpg
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Drivers side crossover.
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William Berasis and Da Bronc back in 98.
Kids 004.jpg
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Keolas 2006 Ram 2500 Cummins Mega Cab. 12 inch lift on custom springs, 36x14.50s rollin heavy on 18x12s soon to be 38x15.50s on 20x14s. Welcome to Maui.....CHEEHU!
Bronco 001.jpg
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Currie 8.8 with 9 inch ends, Tru Trac, 4:10s, forged axles, Currie drum brakes
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Big Island25.jpg
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Rooster Balaz and his 300 lb Hawaiian Hogzilla. This thing nearly killed them! If Rooster didnt bring his gun that day, that boar would be taking pictures of him.
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