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'96 5.0L & 5.8L F-series Exhaust (except Lightning)


Before madly ripping out all the emissions systems on your vehicle, read this article.

1 Catalytic Converter Assembly 5F250
2 Stud, Catalytic Converter-to-Exhaust Manifold 391104-S2
3 Nut, Catalytic Converter-to-Exhaust Manifold 375636-S309
4 Air Inlet Tube 9J454
5 Clamp N804034-S (all EXCEPT Bronco)
6 Muffler 5230
7 Catalytic Converter Heat Shield, Front 5E287
8 Bolt, Front Heat Shield N605905-S103
9 Nut, U-Lock N800295-S102
10 Catalytic Converter Heat Shield, Rear 5K283
11 Catalytic Converter 5F250
12 Rivet N647098-S
13 Muffler Assembly Bracket 5A246 (E6TZ-5A246-B)
14 Nut, Support Bracket N620481-S2
15 Nut, U-Lock N803714-S102
A - Tighten to 40-50 Nm (30-37 Lb-Ft)
B - Tighten to 34-46 Nm (24-34 Lb-Ft)
C - Tighten to 54-71 Nm (40-52 Lb-Ft)
D - Tighten to 22-28 Nm (16-21 Lb-Ft)
E - Tighten to 17-23 Nm (13-17 Lb-Ft)
F - 5.8L California Only upstream HEGO bungs: L-B2S1; R-B1S1
G - 5.0L 50 States 5.8L 49 States (No Air Inlet Tube on California 5.8L)

The unidentified object in the main pipe directly below "4G" is the downstream HEGO (B1S2).

Note: It is normal for a certain amount of moisture and staining to be present around the muffler seams. The presence of soot, light surface rust or moisture does not indicate a faulty muffler.

To check for leaks, read this caption:

** Exhaust System Alignment **

A misaligned exhaust system is usually indicated by vibration, grounding, rattling or binding of system components. Often the associated noise is hard to distinguish from other chassis noises. Look for broken or loose clamps and brackets. Replace or tighten as necessary. It is important that exhaust clearances and alignment be maintained.

Perform the following procedures to align the system:

1. Loosen the retaining hardware, clamp and the pipe support brackets.

2. Align the exhaust system, beginning at the front of the vehicle, to establish maximum clearance.

3. Tighten all retainers to specification. Note: Tighten the flange nuts and the exhaust manifold nuts evenly and alternately.

Note: Three way catalytic converters (TWC) (5E212), exhaust inlet pipes (5246), mufflers (5230), brackets, clamps and insulators should be replaced if they are worn or badly corroded. Do not attempt to service these parts.

4. Start the engine and check the exhaust system for leaks.

** Service fix for Noise: Loose Catalyst or Muffler Heat Shields **

NOTE: At idle or during normal driving conditions, a buzz or rattle may be detected, which can be traced to the exhaust system. The heat shield attachment to the muffler or catalyst may come free. The loose shield will vibrate off the muffler or catalyst and cause the buzz or rattle.

1. Attach two worm clamps (Part #391218 ) to the catalyst or muffler as shown in the illustration. NOTE: The catalyst may have two cans. If shields on both cans are loose, four clamps (2 of each) will be required.

2. Align the clamp to secure the heat shield to the muffler or catalyst. NOTE: Torque the clamp to no more than 68 N-m (60 in-lb).

3. Trim excess band to approximately 25.4mm (1 inch).
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