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Ford SuperDuty V-Code Leaf Spring Installation on a 2000 Ford Excursion

The Problem
It's widely known that Excursions, while sharing a similar chassis to the F-250, do not share the same leaf springs from the factory. Due to the SUV body style of the Excursion, leaf springs specific to the Excursion come from the factory so the Excursion will fit in your standard garage and parking garage. The result: front leaf springs with significantly reduced travel (on 4x4 models) that eventually sag and leave less than 1" of leaf spring travel...further resulting in a very harsh ride.

Why V-Code Springs instead of standard Excursion springs?
After 175,000 miles, I had about 5/8" of clearance between the leaf spring and the bump-stop. I could feel every bump I'd drive over on the road. It was time to swap springs. Instead of swapping back to factory Excursion springs, I opted for "V-Code springs" which ended up providing me with 1.5" of additional frontend lift over my sagging factory springs.

Parts Needed
(8 ) Nuts - Part # N805480-S426
(2) V-Code Leaf Springs - Part # 2C3Z-5310-HA
(2) U-Bolts - unfortunately the u-bolts I ordered at the dealer were incorrect. My Excursion has a rounded-square u-bolt style, but I was given square-style u-bolts (Square-style u-bolt Part # is F81Z-5705-BA)

Tools Needed
We'll cover tools needed in each step.

Estimated Time Required
6-8 hours

7 out of 10 (1 being easiest, 10 being hardest)

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