1981 Ford Bronco
Owner: AbandonedBronco         (All of this user's registries on SuperMotors)
From: Boise, ID, U.S.A.        (Other registries in ID)
Year, Make, & Model: 1981 Ford Bronco        (Other Ford Broncos)
Nickname: Spartan
Engine: 300 Inline 6

4 barrel 1848 Holley 465cfm carb with a dual port Offenhauser performance intake.
Dual fuel injection 4.9 exhaust manifolds out through a single 2.5'' exhaust with a high flow cat and muffler.
Drivetrain: 4spd NP-435
9'' rear and a 3.00 final drive.
32'' BFG A/T KO2
Notes: The Bronco was abandoned at my girlfriend (now wife's) father's ranch since it didn't pass California emissions (and wouldn't start) with the promise of ''I'll pick it up next week.'' Four years later, it hadn't moved.

He gave it to me if I could get it running, so I did some work and drove it 700 miles home to Idaho. My first Ford, my first truck, and my first 4 wheel drive.

Since then, I've put 45,000 miles on it, rebuild the entire suspension, brakes, transmission, drive train, and have turned the slouch old tired 300 into a powerful and fun torque monster.

No idea how many miles are on it. Pulled the original engine and it had been rebuilt once already and had since then worn out past 60 over. 400,000? 600,000?
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The end

Please don't text and drive.
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Engine Bay.JPG
4810 hits | 82.67 KB | Posted: 3/23/09

Here's a shot of the mostly stock engine bay. The only thing in this picture that isn't completely stock is the EFI 300 exhaust manifolds. It's time to dig in.

New Intake.JPG
2641 hits | 73.7 KB | Posted: 3/23/09

Here's the new intake in place.

Offenhauser Intake.JPG
2630 hits | 78.54 KB | Posted: 3/23/09

The new aluminum Offenhauser dual port intake.

2618 hits | 44.85 KB | Posted: 3/26/09

These pre-shaped pieces showed up in the mail. The fact that the tailpipe was made specifically for the Bronco and the Y-pipe for the EFI manifolds on a straight six really saved me time and money.

Intake Removed.JPG
2430 hits | 77.76 KB | Posted: 3/23/09

The intake removed giving a clear shot of the dual exhaust manifolds of the EFI 300. MUCH better than the restrictive six-to-one stock 1bbl exhaust manifold. I thought about painting those when I put them in but I didn't want the rest of the engin...
With Heat Spacer.JPG
2293 hits | 74.69 KB | Posted: 3/23/09

The intake with the heated spacer. This particular spacer is designed to run coolant underneath the carb to prevent it from icing, especially in the winter.

Hooking the lines up.JPG
2115 hits | 78.68 KB | Posted: 3/23/09

Everything's in place, the lines are hooked up, and it's ready to go!

The Final Touch.JPG
2078 hits | 82.99 KB | Posted: 3/23/09

Putting on the last, and final touch after we tuned it. It is time for a test drive.

Accelerator Bracket.JPG
2073 hits | 68.06 KB | Posted: 3/23/09

The custom made accelerator bracket. Cost about $6 for the steel.

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