1986 Ford Bronco
Owner: Gacknar         (All of this user's registries on SuperMotors)
From: Atlanta, GA, U.S.A.        (Other registries in GA)
Year, Make, & Model: 1986 Ford Bronco        (Other Ford Broncos)
Clubs: SuperFord.org        (Other vehicles in this club)
Nickname: The Mall-Crawler
Mileage: 480000
Engine: 351w, bored 30 over
Crank polished
factory connecting rods
Speed-Pro power forged pistons (844-L2446F30)
Performance speacialtys Harmonic Balancer.
The block has been decked (dont remember how much)
And It's been balanced.
It is suposed to deliver 9.5 to 1 compresion with a 64cc head.
GT-40 ”X” heads (M-6049-X303)
Crane Cams “PowerMax” cam (cam + lifter #443902)
Crane Cams double roller timing chain set (44993-1)
Crane Cams valve springs (99833-16)
Ford Racing roller rockers (M-6564-B351)
Ford Racing rocker arm shim kit (M-6529-A302)
Ford Racing push rods (M-6565-M332)
Melling standard pressure/standard volume oil pump (M83)
ARP oil pump drive shaft (154-7901)
ARP head bolts (154-3603)
Edelbrock performer 351w lower intake. (3834)
ARP Intake bolts (154-2001)
BBK 351w truck headers (35110)
Stage 8 locking header bolts (8913A)
Performance speacialtys Harmonic Balancer. (price included in short block)
351w to AOD flex plate. (Motermite # 04352) $41.88 @ Advance Autoparts
Ford Racing Tall Valve Covers (FMS-M-6582-E302P)
Accel 300+ Ferro-Spiral Race Wire Sets (acc-7040)
BBK 70mm Throttle Bodie (BBK-1501)
BBK 70mm EGR Plate (BBK-1502)
Edelbrock Performer 5.0 EFI upper Intake Manifold (EDL-3822)
Trick Flow EFI Heat Spacer Kit (TFS-51520014)

Drivetrain: TTB Dana 44 front 456:1
8.8 rear 456:1
AOD with Trans-go shift kit and TCI super overdrive servo.
BW 1356 manual shift TC
Notes: 3" Body lift.
6" Super lift suspension lift.
Dick Cepek extended radius arms.
38x15.5-15 Super Swamper TSL Radials
15x12 Dick Cepeck Classic II's
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Bassani X pipe for 1993-1995 Lightning trucks. Will also fit F-150 and Bronco
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Steering staabilisers twisting drag link as steering is cycled.
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The ford racing Sequintal Port Fuel Injection system, from a 93 Mustang GT, on an 86 upper and lower.
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