1996 Mercury Grand Marquis
Owner: Drock96marquis         (All of this user's registries on SuperMotors)
From: Frederick, MD, U.S.A.        (Other registries in MD)
Year, Make, & Model: 1996 Mercury Grand Marquis        (Other Mercury Grand Marquiss)
Clubs: Crownvic.net Readers Rides        (Other vehicles in this club)
Crown Vics of Maryland        (Other vehicles in this club)
Nickname: The "LSE S/C"
Mileage: 52000
Engine: 4.6l 2V
Supercharged - Saleen Series II supercharger kit w/ Eaton MP90
SCT xCal2 performance flash and 80mm MAF/Marauder airbox swap
Drivetrain: 4R70W w/ updated '97+ accumulators/springs
8.8" rear axle with 3.55:1 RAR and Traction-lok limited slip
Notes: *Note this vehicle was sold*

Purchased in August '04, only 1 previous owner who was about 80 yrs old. Flawless condition, had never been driven in rain or snow and was garage kept with all original factory stickers and chalk marks on frame. It came with all the original documentation, service records, manuals, brochure, etc.

In addition to the standard Grand Marquis equipment, optional features include:
-Luxury Light Group (Dual map/dome lamp, lighted vanity mirrors, rear dome/reading lamps, front door panel courtesy lamps)
-Dual secondary visors
-Illuminated entry system
-Fingertip Speed control
-Powerlock/Decklid group
-Front and Rear 'Luxury Comfort' Carpet floor mats
-Keyless Entry (keypad)
-Remote Keyless Entry system
-Anti-lock brakes w/ Electronic Traction assist
-Luxury Radial-spoke wheel covers (replaced)
-Front license plate bracket

Still is mint, but with some modifications ;)

Modification highlights:
*Saleen Series II supercharger
* 3.55 RAR w/ traction lok
* True dual exhaust, finished off with Magnaflow oblong tips
* Mercury Marauder airbox / 80mm MAF with 04 CVPI zip-tube and SCT xCal2 performance tune
* HPP wheels with +1" rear spacing
* Edelbrock Performer IAS monotube front and rear shocks, air-lift rear airsprings, HPP rear and CVPI front swaybars on poly bushings
* Alpine R-series speakers and amplifier
* Lincoln Continental floor shifter and console conversion, with custom mount scangauge and Mercury Marauder dual gauge pod w/ VDO instruments
* EATC conversion
* 94-98 Mustang GT instrument cluster retrofit

TONs more modifications than that, the complete list with part numbers is here: http://www.crownvic.net/drock96marquis/MERCmods.htm
Last Updated: 6/8/2014
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folder 1996 Grand Marquis - See subfolders!! 4701103,80602/28/055/5/13
    folder The starting point, the very first pictures (2004)90015,21802/23/075/5/13
    folder April 2005 - Exterior Pictures/Detail0000011/14/0811/14/08
    folder Center Console & Floor Shifter Conversion (9/'05)4400107,618010/22/065/31/09
    folder Fall Shots of the Merc & Town Car6004,871010/19/061/6/09
    folder February 2006 - Exterior Pictures / Detail70011,694011/14/081/6/09
    folder trunk power distribution / Sub / electrical40014,91103/14/067/1/08
    folder 3.55s4004,07503/7/0611/9/07
    folder October 2005 - Exterior / Engine Pictures/Detail8008,22602/26/0611/14/08
    folder March '06 - Spring Detail000001/6/091/6/09
        folder Exterior160021,11803/14/061/6/09
        folder Interior140019,00603/16/061/6/09
        folder Engine Bay50014,52003/24/061/6/09
    folder Custom Gauge Overlays / CVPI cluster (7/'06)4007,62107/4/0611/14/08
    folder 1" Wheel Spacers and Air-lift air-springs (7/'06)90016,62507/4/063/9/09
    folder Courtesy lamps / Illuminated door handles (7/'06)100025,70307/19/0611/14/08
    folder PCV system oil catch (7/'06)5006,53407/16/0611/14/08
    folder A-Pillar VDO tach and pod install (8/'06)110019,05208/9/0611/14/08
    folder Marauder pod w/ VDO + Interior Detail (9/25/06)130025,67709/25/065/31/09
    folder Fall 2006 - Engine Detail-MM box+04 CVPI zip tube140018,03909/25/0610/6/06
    folder October 2006 Exterior Detail250020,583010/4/0611/14/08
    folder cvnsigs240021,62302/27/061/6/09
    folder Magnaflow Oblong exhaust tips (1-04-07)1801943,83201/4/078/11/09
    folder 1-06-07 First detail of the new year!290023,21101/6/071/7/07
    folder Just a few pictures 2-23-076004,63102/23/072/23/07
    folder March '07 - Spring Detail000001/6/091/6/09
        folder Engine Bay180016,51703/25/071/6/09
        folder Exterior190015,14803/26/071/6/09
    folder Random exterior pics (4/'07)4003,67804/7/0711/14/08
    folder Swirl and defect removal 4/30/'0713008,33004/30/074/30/07
    folder EATC Conversion and big interior detail! 5/28/07240034,02005/28/075/31/09
    folder A nice pair - pics of the Merc and Mark together7005,62706/16/075/5/13
    folder Out and About - 6/17/0711008,42106/17/076/17/07
    folder Auto-dim mirror installed (7/'07)4005,16707/17/0711/14/08
        folder Compass + Auto-dim mirror2001,74702/18/082/18/08
        folder Scangauge II / Blendmount3002,50603/5/103/5/10
    folder Power 8-way passenger seat130020,57807/17/0712/30/08
    folder New exterior photos 7/17/07120013,19207/17/077/17/07
    folder September 07 quick detail430051,32409/16/0712/11/08
    folder Remote Fuel filler door release (9/'07)130020,568010/3/0711/14/08
    folder Fall 2007 - Engine Detail290022,344011/4/0711/4/07
    folder Mustang GT instrument cluster converson180021,440011/23/073/21/09
        folder Custom dash bezel/surround90015,19801/9/081/10/08
        folder Custom bezel #2 and new overlays100013,99302/18/082/18/08
    folder Saleen Supercharger and Engine Detail (5/'08)1001,96505/26/086/27/09
        folder Finished install80015,72506/27/096/27/09
        folder Fuel rail modification8009,08305/27/086/15/09
        folder Inlet flip8007,37705/27/086/15/09
        folder *disassembled* s/c, intercooler and manifold pics260025,00705/27/086/15/09
        folder Other parts2001,87005/27/086/15/09
        folder Modified EGR tube2001,71009/27/119/27/11
        folder 03-05 Electric fan retrofit 7/'082001,237012/11/1112/11/11
    folder Interior Nightshots (6/'08)2008,05506/17/0811/14/08
    folder 10/08 Suspension detail1001,533010/26/0811/14/08
    folder April '09 - Spring Detail000004/12/094/12/09
        folder Engine Bay170017,44304/12/094/12/09
        folder Interior270023,60905/31/095/31/09
    folder Valve covers ?1001,01208/18/098/18/09
    folder 8/18/09 Pics7004,50708/18/098/18/09
    folder Kirban Fuel Pressure Regulator3001,84109/21/099/21/09
    folder BBK 75mm T/B6004,06209/21/099/21/09
    folder Kenne Bell Boost-a-Spark4003,554010/5/0910/7/09
    folder LF Window Regulator Replacement110012,77604/24/104/24/10
    folder April '10 - Spring Detail000004/24/104/24/10
        folder Engine Bay110015,00304/24/105/11/10
    folder The very last pictures... a farewell.430011,58405/5/135/5/13
folder My 1995 Lincoln Mark VIII !!15005,99605/30/071/31/08
    folder Intital cleaning - outside150012,64905/30/073/5/10
    folder Interior detailed7008,15005/30/075/30/07
    folder Engine bay - initial cleaning4003,73805/30/073/5/10
    folder Wrinkled rear window seal fixed3003,75606/12/076/12/07
    folder New Chrome Emblems and monochromed trunk lock3002,82207/4/077/4/07
    folder Painted wheel wells4004,52707/7/077/7/07
    folder Customized trunk lock emblem8008,93507/17/073/5/10
    folder New exterior shots w/ magnaflow tips200120,51707/28/079/18/07
    folder SLAMMED8009,09207/31/078/25/07
    folder Customized front grille5007,63708/17/073/5/10
    folder Hood reflections9006,78309/18/079/18/07
    folder Recent shots after detail180016,26609/18/073/5/10
    folder Gloss black calipers and painted centercaps4004,12609/23/074/20/08
    folder Couple night shots3002,14201/3/083/5/10
    folder Spring '08 *quick*  engine detal 9007,06704/6/084/6/08
    folder Spring '08 exterior detail340021,60804/20/085/10/10
    folder Crystalline headlamps and quick detail260021,838010/5/0810/5/08
folder Navigator000001/6/091/6/09
    folder June Detail - Navigator / Zaino!000007/16/061/6/09
        folder Interior7007,57007/16/067/16/06
        folder Exterior250018,94507/16/067/16/06
    folder Vacation detailing 1/29/073002,61901/29/071/6/09
    folder Couple new pictures of the Navigator200013,40102/5/081/6/09
folder June 2006 Detail - Merc, Towny, Caddy220018,35507/4/067/4/06
folder Dad's Town Car000003/15/063/15/06
    folder fall 20055003,74603/15/063/15/06
    folder 6/06 Detail5003,95807/4/067/4/06
    folder 3/25 Shots4002,82303/25/076/28/07
    folder Emblem refinishing2001,71007/14/072/5/10
    folder fall 20076003,769011/4/0711/4/07
folder The DeVille6005,22501/9/062/23/07
    folder The interior10008,17107/11/077/11/07
    folder Dec 2007 Detail14009,237012/24/0712/24/07
folder TECH/MISC -- Click for MISC tech pics-SEE SUBS12300260,478010/24/0511/11/11
    folder 95+ Door panel removal and harnesses80021,60307/4/065/24/09
    folder Panther Instrument Cluster Schematics and Pinouts150027,61409/29/062/16/11
    folder Panther LCM / lighting circuits and pinouts470088,54101/10/0810/25/11
    folder Panther Transmission Control diagrams/pinouts4005,33901/26/081/26/08
    folder Panther Electronic Engine Controls / Ignition230060,23407/23/0812/11/11
    folder Panther Body/Chassis/MISC diagrams and pinouts6200133,106010/14/0811/9/11
    folder 95-05 CV/GMQ/MM Speedo head disassembly200014,52108/21/073/13/12
    folder Bumper Cover R&R5006,977012/27/0612/27/06
    folder FunkRider's 5-speed swap110070,65502/17/072/17/07
    folder misc200016,22503/25/063/14/09
        folder JD F-71014009,65803/13/071/6/09
        folder Pics10006,679010/27/0610/27/06
            folder House140011,221012/9/065/20/08
    folder KB Panther frame bracing3002,89609/22/099/22/09
folder 1996 F-450 7.3 DI PSD (Last Updated 4-02-06)2001,430012/26/056/8/14
    folder Washed150018,61904/2/067/27/06
    folder Tread seperation6004,401010/3/0710/3/07
    folder Interior detail4003,23506/22/086/22/08
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Carlisle 2008 Group shot
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Carlisle 2008 group shot
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RAS Panther system overview
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My infinity basslink sub

You can see the 12v outlet mounted under rear parcel shelf as well.

4 circuit fuse holder is behind spare tire, on the back seat frame.

AND before anyone flames me for the sub in this location due to fuel tank, the sub is ...
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Just a little organizer I made to hold some "on the fly" detailing stuff
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