1995 Ford F-150
Owner: Steve83         (All of this user's registries on SuperMotors)
From: Memphis, TN, U.S.A.        (Other registries in TN)
Year, Make, & Model: 1995 Ford F-150        (Other Ford F-150s)
Clubs: SuperFord.org        (Other vehicles in this club)
Nickname: The Beatup Truck
Mileage: 179786
Engine: 4.9L
Drivetrain: M5OD-R2, 8.8" open diff
Notes: Driven on 1 tank for a few years, then abandoned when the 2nd tank gave out. Given to another owner who planned to fix it, but abandoned it in the woods for a few years. Given to a 3rd owner who planned to fix it, but abandoned it in the woods for a few years. Sold to me. I drove it home before stripping it down for thorough repairs. Then Frank bought it while his '75 Bronco was getting some P&B repairs. Later, it became his sons' first vehicle. Now, it's mine again.
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The original lower radiator hose was made on 12/21/94 and is still serviceable. It had swollen by absorbing various engine fluids (mainly motor oil leaks), but after washing and leaving it to dry in the sun for a few days, it has visibly contracted b...
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To temporarily (or indefinitely) run any '90-96 dual-tank truck on 1 tank, it's necessary to plug both unused tank lines & the vapor line.

I used the old rear tank plate as a blockoff for the fuel lines because it seals to the fuel lines without dam...
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The windshield side & lower trim were packed with leaves. While it was off, I removed the wiper valance & emptied the cowl. It was packed, except where the squirrel living in the squirrel cage had cleaned some of them out.

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Since I got the pigtail with the '93 tank, and I saved the original '95 pump plate, it was easy to make this adapter harness. Now, either style of pump can be used.

The oversized fitting on the blue (pressure) line is the updated check valve, manuf...
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To lift the bed, loosen the clamps (8mm, 5/16") around the filler supports, then slide them outboard.


See also:
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VECI Label under hood above master cylinder

For the label specific to YOUR vehicle, click [url=http://www.motorcra...
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To lift the bed for fuel tank access, I used my electric hoist (an ATV winch & some scrap metal).

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After a little driving, it became apparent that there was a serious oil leak dripping onto the rear Y-pipe from the intake heat shield. Fortunately, I had a new valve cover gasket in the junkpile.

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. [url=https://www.supermotors.net/registry/media/853031][img]https://www.superm...
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It took a few hours with some BP hammers, prybars, & wood blocks, but it's pretty close to its original shape now.

This is how I got it:
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