2000 Ford Excursion
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Nickname: The Excursion
Mileage: 235500
Engine: 7.3L Powerstroke Diesel
Drivetrain: 4R100 (2nd tranny installed at 87,000 miles, 3rd tranny installed at 219,000 miles)
Dana 50 solid axle frontend
Sterling 10.5 Rearend w/ 3.73 limited slip
Notes: SOLD ON 10/5/2011

Performance modifications/additions:
Quadzilla Xzillaraider Performance Chip
Hypermax 3.5" downpipe
MagnaFlow 4" exhaust
Factory Tech Valve Body (I no longer run this as I have a new transmission since installing the Valve Body)
AFE Stage II Intake Kit & ProGuard Filter
Performance Friction Brake Pads in front
Napa "Ceramix" Ceramic Brake Pads in rear
ART Cryogenic/cross-drilled rotors

V-Code front springs
F-Code rear springs
Edelbrock IAS Shocks
Hellwig rear anti-sway bar
LANDYOT Gen-II Radius Rods (8/18/09 - No longer installed due to "F" Code rear springs installed which created clearance problems for the Radius Rods)

BF Goodrich 285/75R16 All Terrain tires
Fumoto drain valve
Braided 4x4 electronic shift-on-the-fly (ESOF) lines
Optima D-34 Yellow Top Batteries (2)
Britebox from thebritebox.com
Aftermarket headlight wiring harness from GOS racing
AMSOIL 5W-30 Heavy Duty Diesel Synthetic Oil
AMSOIL oil filter
AMSOIL Cetane Boost (every couple tanks of fuel)
AMSOIL Diesel Conditioner (2 oz. every couple of fill-ups)
AMSOIL synthetic ATF
Dieselsite remote transmission filter kit w/ filter gauge
Dieselsite remote coolant filter kit
Dieselsite high-pressure oil crossover line
Dieselsite thermostat flange
203-degree thermostat
Evans coolant
Viper alarm w/ remote start
21% tint
Alpine iDA-X001 Head Unit
APC headlights & corner lights
Autometer Pyrometer Gauge
Autometer Transmission Temp Gauge
Autometer Boost Gauge
Pet gate/barrier (behind 3rd seat)
Last Updated: 10/5/2011
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    folder Hypermax 3.5" downpipe & 5" exhaust90121,20207/24/036/3/06
    folder Hellwig Sway Bar & shock install1900108,70508/6/034/18/05
    folder Increasing fuel filler neck diameter4009,31508/6/038/6/03
    folder Applied Rotor Technology (ART) Rotors4008,10408/6/038/6/03
        folder ART Rotors Phase 280012,934012/21/0512/21/05
    folder Loose Turbo Bolts3006,16008/6/038/6/03
    folder Exhaust Sounds & Videos00410,61102/20/042/26/04
    folder BF Goodrich Rugged Trail T/A Tires50011,92608/16/048/23/04
    folder LANDYOT Radius Rod Installation6700554,78611/6/052/15/07
    folder 3.73 gears at 75 MPH1002,31901/25/051/25/05
    folder Ball Joint Replacement2027178,24402/7/051/26/07
    folder Replacing Rear Differential Fluid3800186,71804/15/054/16/05
    folder Powerstroke CAC Hose Replacement2700111,11904/16/054/16/05
    folder Removing passenger battery4005,99404/16/054/16/05
    folder Replacing parking light bulb160022,54104/16/054/16/05
    folder AMSOIL Oil Change320041,30605/29/055/29/05
    folder Factory Tech Valve Body install2400141,79906/26/056/28/05
    folder Dieselsite Remote Transmission Filter install3400178,88106/26/056/27/05
    folder Dog Barrier60011,74308/15/058/15/05
    folder Alternator Replacement3500216,51009/29/059/29/05
    folder Braided lines for ESOF/4x44700228,610010/30/0510/30/05
    folder Dual Optima Yellow-top D34 Batteries3400155,640010/30/0510/30/05
    folder AFE Stage II Intake & ProGuard Filter5500203,805010/30/0510/30/05
    folder APC Headlight & Amber Corner Install6008,919012/21/0512/22/05
    folder Chrome Lug Nuts90012,218012/22/0512/22/05
    folder Rancho RS9000 to 9000x rear shock upgrade180027,722012/22/0512/23/05
    folder V-Code Leaf Spring Installation5000231,79301/21/071/25/07
    folder Dana 50 Front Hub/Bearing Replacement80032,50301/25/071/26/07
    folder Quadzilla Xzillaraider140020,69807/29/077/29/07
folder Multimedia System220054,83707/24/038/6/03
    folder Removing Alpine DVD Player70015,34608/6/038/6/03
    folder Alpine CDA-9827 Install320070,96008/9/048/12/04
folder Interior/Exterior Pics000008/6/038/6/03
    folder April 20011001,78308/6/038/6/03
    folder December 200080014,03708/6/038/6/03
    folder April 200280013,32308/6/038/6/03
    folder June 2005 - Towing4006,82706/14/056/14/05
    folder Passenger floorboard4006,969010/1/0510/1/05
    folder Trips/Vacation70011,701010/9/0312/28/07
    folder December 2005 - Detailed Engine2003,288012/22/0512/22/05
    folder September 20051001,372012/21/0512/21/05
    folder December 2007110058,343012/28/0712/28/07
    folder January 20091003,29601/10/091/10/09
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    folder SuperDuty vs. Excursion Dashboard2006,35208/6/039/27/04
    folder My X in a TV commercial0012,72503/6/043/6/04
    folder Excursion underbody60013,381011/14/044/18/05
    folder Excursion Body2004,212012/3/0412/3/04
    folder 140,000 miles3004,69004/18/054/18/05
    folder Front bumpstop clearance at 155,000 miles2003,627012/21/0512/21/05
    folder Signature1003,19201/24/091/24/09
folder Oops000008/6/035/19/05
    folder Leaking turbo pedastal seal60011,55908/6/039/4/04
    folder Peeling Firestone Steeltex tires1003,85101/25/051/25/05
    folder Spewing tranny fluid3004,87906/14/056/14/05
    folder Cancer - December 20053005,333012/22/0512/22/05
    folder Shattered Liftgate Glass6009,420010/7/0710/7/07
folder John Deere L11060013,473011/24/0412/22/05
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3192 hits | 24.18 KB | Posted: 1/24/09

Signature I use on various forums.
3296 hits | 63.77 KB | Posted: 1/10/09

Just sold the '07 Mustang, the Galaxie is away getting repaired...the Excursion finally gets some TLC and gets to be parked in the garage for a few days. First time in 3 years!
4374 hits | 74.92 KB | Posted: 12/28/07

Another angle of the new MagnaFlow exhaust.
4496 hits | 86.94 KB | Posted: 12/28/07

Close-up of the new 4" MagnaFlow exhaust with a dirty 5" chrome tip.
23998 hits | 68.28 KB | Posted: 12/28/07

Looking pretty clean for 188,000 miles.
4108 hits | 70.22 KB | Posted: 12/28/07

Visiting in rural North Dakota.
4696 hits | 81.4 KB | Posted: 12/28/07

New BFG AT KO 285/75R16's.
3961 hits | 54.58 KB | Posted: 12/28/07

View from the dash looking back at the dog gate in the rear cargo area.
4188 hits | 59.15 KB | Posted: 12/28/07

188,122 miles an counting!
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23998 hits | 68.28 KB | Posted: 12/28/07

Looking pretty clean for 188,000 miles.
13743 hits | 81.98 KB | Posted: 1/6/05

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12683 hits | 58.97 KB | Posted: 1/6/05

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11697 hits | 49.26 KB | Posted: 8/6/03

The Hellwig anti-sway bar kit comes with the worst directions known to mankind. Without pictures, it was really hard to determine which way the sway bar was supposed to mount on the Excursion. Here are pictures in order of the install that you can ...
10704 hits | 65.74 KB | Posted: 1/6/05

Ford SuperDuty-Excursion loose ball joints.mp4
10237 hits | 1.89 MB | Posted: 9/26/05

2-part video that shows a loose lower ball joint installed and removed.

Part 1 of the video shows pulling/pushing on the steering knuckle and illustrates how a worn/loose ball joint moves in place. When a ball joint is worn out, steering is affect...
Maintenance & Modification Logs

DateTypeMileageTitle / Description$ Amount
08/18/10Repair224892New Tie Rods & Hydro Boost Unit
New drag link and tie rods, steering stabilizer, Hydro Boost Unit. Fixed loose rear doors. Front end alignment.
04/24/10Maintenance220138Rotated tires
03/30/10Repair219467Replaced Transmission
After 132,000+ miles on my 2nd transmission, it finally died. This is the third transmission since I bought the Excursion new in 2000.

Labor: $820
Parts: $2787.86
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