1975 Ford Bronco
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Nickname: SOLD
Mileage: 200000
Engine: '88 F-150 5.0L totally stock, except Crown Vic intake to make it fit under the hood. The mechanic who did Phase 2 deleted the smog pump for some reason, and went to a LOT of trouble to mount an aftermarket A/C compressor in place of the stock one.
Drivetrain: Rebuilt '88 F-150 AOD; Advance Adapter; original Dana 20; rebuilt D44 front with new gears & GM disk conversion; rebuilt Ford 9" with 4.11s.
Notes: Bought ragged, and rebuilt from the frame up beginning in October '99. The whole wiring harness is from the '88 F-150, so it has cruise, PW/PL/RKE, rear defrost, the '88 in-tank & frame rail fuel pumps, dual dome lamps, & interval wipers. It also uses the '88 tilt column, '86 EB Bronco seats on custom bases, & '86 tan shoulder belts. The whole inside was Rhino-lined in Harvest Gold, the same as the 2000 EB Expedition tan on the outside of the camper, the rocker panels, and the fender flares. The rest of the body is 2000 EB Ex Estate Green, except the tan sections of the grille & t/g. The frame is Herculined. All the weatherstrips were replaced with new, and late-model breakaway bubble-back mirrors were added. It also has an auto-dimming compass thermometer rear-view mirror, rechargeable MagLite, fold/tumble rear seat, underhood reel light, backup camera, DynaMat Xtreme covering all the Rhino inside, carpet, headliner, custom door& bedwall panels, and more every day. This is Frank's only vehicle, so he commutes, carpools, hunts & trains dogs, travels, & tows his boat with it.
The truck was sold to a man in N. MS in Sep. 2014.
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335 hits | 124.4 KB | Posted: 8/6/14

As cramped as this location was, my overhead welds didn't turn out as badly as I was afraid they would. I only had a couple of slag balls to grind off. The back side & inside are also welded, so it's not going anywhere.

Later, I bathed it all in u...
319 hits | 115.56 KB | Posted: 8/6/14

The track bar is now perfectly parallel to the drag link.
331 hits | 125.98 KB | Posted: 8/6/14

Bolted up tight & red threadlocked, ready for welding.
328 hits | 128.64 KB | Posted: 8/6/14

Bolted up tight & red threadlocked, ready for welding.
325 hits | 127.89 KB | Posted: 8/6/14

To place the upper hole, I made a cardboard template, aligned it over the factory hole, and then drilled in the center of the small hole.
337 hits | 114.44 KB | Posted: 8/6/14

Just test-fitting...
328 hits | 133.85 KB | Posted: 8/6/14

Just test-fitting...
321 hits | 125.77 KB | Posted: 8/6/14

Just test-fitting...
305 hits | 148.81 KB | Posted: 8/6/14

We needed the adjustable track bar to align the axle under the frame, but it's at its minimum length now, and it's too long. So I'm moving the new bushings into the factory bar.
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25925 hits | 79.09 KB | Posted: 4/21/07

This is a common problem in all pre-'92 EFI F-series & Broncos. These Ford-style relays (BROWN socket = EEC power; GREEN socket = fuel pump)are notorious for causing intermittent failures in the EEC & fuel pumps. Yesterday, this EEC PWR relay decid...
6465 hits | 81.25 KB | Posted: 4/21/07

Working on ONE relay at a time, remove the terminals from the stock connector & discard it. I collected these Bosch-style sockets in junkyards, but they're available at most parts stores, from Ford, or several online suppliers like RJMInjectionTech....
6383 hits | 79.88 KB | Posted: 4/21/07

Being careful to connect the wires to the proper terminals (using the list below), securely connect the old wires to the terminals of the new sockets. Try to keep the wires the same length so there's not a huge ratnest.

30 - Y (battery alwa...
5892 hits | 61.39 KB | Posted: 12/25/10

Early Bronco Alternator Wiring (simplified)

If there are no new loads, then the only load thru the original ammeter wire is the battery charging load, which...
5831 hits | 76.6 KB | Posted: 4/21/07

Now the truck will be MUCH more reliable, and can use the cheaper, heavier-duty, more common ISO relays that are easier to swap. Tape up the harness & secure the relays to a safe mounting location. Not all relays have mounting tabs like these, but ...
5310 hits | 53.28 KB | Posted: 7/2/03

That's it until Frank can find enough spare cash to build a dash, bumpers, door panels, and a few other odds & ends. The colors are 2000 Eddie Bauer Expedition Estate Green & Light Prarie Tan.
5277 hits | 54.08 KB | Posted: 7/2/03

The Rhino-lining goes from the floor to the ceiling, and up the firewall & tailgate. We found a great little seat that will fold flat like a '78-96 Bronco's, but we have to build the base.

To see it as of June 2008, click this thumb:
4369 hits | 103.74 KB | Posted: 9/20/07

This is going to replace the crappy '88 2G alternator. The 130A 3G alternators are easily identifiable by the 2 large holes between each pair of ribs on the front case. Those with 4 holes are 95A.

Donor vehicles include:
4266 hits | 90.38 KB | Posted: 4/4/11

As soon as the spark plug wire was fixed, the engine started surging, which eventually turned out to be a leaking FPR. Big surprise - it was a 21-year-old junkyard part, but he still got his money's worth out of it. So while I was changing it, I al...
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